My confusing opera experience


Hello everyone,

As I finally enter into the blog world of QGossip, I throw myself on the mercy of those more knowledgeable than my uncultured self.

My hubby and I just spent the most amazing Christmassy weekend in Prague. While we were there we discovered that the hotel we were staying at was once frequented by none other than Mozart himself! Being typically me, I decided it was time for us to immerse ourselves in a bit of culture and visit the Mozart opera Don Giovanni.

Not the genuine article actually, but a puppet version in the theatre. Being convinced that the puppet version would be soooo much easier to follow, off we trotted to the theatre.

Well, I was completely at a loss as to what was going on! What was that statue in the final scene?? As I turned to hubby to see if it was only me who was being a bit clueless, I found him fast asleep! (obviously enthralled by my cultural puppet feast). His defence was that as it was freezing cold outside, the warm change in temperature had lulled him into the land of dreams. My money is on the mulled wine personally!!!

The statue has been the subject of our conversation since Sunday! If you can help us, please do and then maybe the Dawson household can resume normality (whatever that was!).

In eager anticipation I await your response and apologise in advance to all opera-loving QVC shoppers.

Anne x


  1. Sally Harrison October 15, 2009 at 6:59 pm -  Reply

    Hi there Anne!! Ive only just read this, but thought I’d tell you about the statue!! Don Giovanni is a very confusing opera, I’d agree, but if you remember in the beginning Donna Anna’s dad (The Commendatore) gets killed by Don Giovanni as he was trying his luck with her. The Commendatore is then commemorated as a statue. The statue comes alive later in the opera to take DG to hell!!!
    Not one of my favourites operas, but did you know that Mozart wrote Don Giovanni in Prague?? Did you have a hot chocolate on the roof of the U Prince Hotel….I loved it when I was there….working as an opera singer in Prague….yes!!! you see, opera singers watch QVC too!!!!

  2. maria mlodzianowska November 7, 2010 at 1:02 am -  Reply

    I simply had to write and tell you that you looked amazing with Mally’s make up – I hope you took note and will be wearing it often – you looked stunning, not that you dont look great normally but she did a super job.
    Loved the singing too!

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