My Christmas countdown: 1 week to go!


Bex and BillyIt’s Wednesday morning, a week before Christmas Day and, although I’m feeling totally unorganised, I am certainly getting there.

Bex was home for a couple of days last week and I got back from work to find a lovely wreath on the front door – she had wandered around the garden picking whatever she could find (mostly ivy, and failing any holly berries she found some on the viburnum tree) and fashioned it into a beautiful, natural ring.

Later she and Billy got busy in the kitchen and made a pile of mince pies, having the sort of fun with the flour that you’d expect of people half their age! 

Christmas treeThe tree is now up and two big boxes have arrived from Green Seasons. They contain the two ‘turduckens’ (turkey stuffed with duck and chicken – no bones so easy to carve) that will feed 19 hungry members of my family in a week’s time.

Almost the entire Tayler clan will be descending on us for a day of eating, drinking and jolliment – I’m really looking forward to it.


Christmas decorationsI hope you will be surrounded by those you love and care for next week. Amidst the festivities my Dad always raises a glass ‘to absent friends and family’ and we pause for a few moments to remember those no longer with us. This year has been a difficult year at QVC and if you are missing someone special, my thoughts go out to you.

I hope you find comfort in some way, and I would like to wish everyone a joyous Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year.

Here’s to 2014!

With best wishes
Kathy xx

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