My busy few months


Toby practicing his rugby skills My last blog was about the beautiful wildlife we see at this time of year, but it’s also amazing how many other events happen in May and June, particularly at the weekends. One minute I’m looking at the calendar complaining to Mrs F that there’s nothing happening, and then suddenly we have weddings and birthday parties to go to!

My son is playing in a football league cup final, my daughter seems to be dancing at every country fair in Surrey and Berkshire and there’s just so much sport going on – footy and rugby finals, Wimbledon, Ascot, Formula 1… I could go on.

Perhaps it should be spread out more? That’s what we try to do at QVC – pace ourselves throughout the year so there’s always an event to look forward to. I’m really looking forward to working with one of the UK’s (if not the world’s) foremost interior designers – Kelly Hoppen on the 12th of May. Oh and presenting the Vicenza Jewellery Event with Julia on the 18th of May.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year but it’s pretty full-on at the weekends. So Toby doesn’t feel left out I’ve decided to train him to play rugby this summer –  so far he seems to be doing well! I took a photo of him in training (above left).

Is it just me, or are you finding yourselves very busy recently?

Love Dale x


  1. Magda Chetty May 6, 2009 at 8:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale
    It is not only you,I looked at my May and June calendar today after about 10 phone calls from friends, and my God it is going to be mad rush in the next few weeks.
    I moved to Mallorca (Spain) 8 years ago, and made so many English and Spanish friends, and this winter is been very cold, and we also had a very wet and windy spring,so we did not do much. And now in the last few days the sun is out and its warm, every one is making plans, I got invited to 3 BBQ”s in May, 2 birthdays, and Iam cooking lunch for 16 people as a present for a great friend on June 14th.
    Iam also a great tennis fan so looking forward to the French open and Wimbledon, and my husband is a big Man U fan, so a lot of sport to see. We also have a dog like you, and have a tennis court, and he is a great ball boy.
    Enjoy all of it and all the best to you and your family and Toby too.

  2. Bev Henwood May 13, 2009 at 3:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale,
    I am always keen to see Toby pictures, it is great to see him growing into such a fine Beardie. We have three Beardies, we did have four until, sadly, we lost our oldest boy in January. They are such beautiful creatures and always make you smile and it is almost impossible to be cross with them, no matter what they have done. I laughed at the ‘Toby and the Hairclip’ story, we have tried everything to control the wayward fur, most efforts being lost or chewed by one or other. Keep posting the photos with updates of his progress. Regards. Bev and of course Bailey, Majik and Sorrell Beardies.

  3. Angela Riley May 26, 2009 at 11:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale,
    Toby is gorgeous it is lovely watching him grow up he is obviously having the time of his life. I share my home with 2 Clumber Spaniels they are true comedians especially Bertie the younger one, it’s incredible how he can get into trouble without trying.
    Keep the pictures and stories of Toby coming, from Angela.
    (Tia and Bertie send woofs to Toby)

  4. Dale Franklin May 29, 2009 at 4:13 pm -  Reply

    Hi Magda,Bev and Angela,
    thank you for your comments, I’m sorry not to have responded sooner, but as the blog says – it’s busy right now ! It’s interesting Bev and Angela that you have more than 1 dog. To my surprise my wife Tracey casually mentioned the idea of another dog to the children the other day and also to my surprise they both said NO WAY ! They both felt they couldn’t love another dog as much as Toby.You see you never really know ! Dale x

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