My birthday week in Center Parcs with family and furry friends!


Thanks for your birthday wishes and cards – I received some lovely homemade ones so thank you!

I had a lovely time with several get-togethers over the weekend and on Monday 10th May itself, including lots of lunches, coffees and dinners with friends and family. Best pressie has to a voucher for five hours of 'Bradley time'! If you knew how many jobs I've got stacked up at home, you'd know how much this means to me. He's a lovely lad, my son!

I also had a super relaxing holiday at Center Parcs the week before – even stayed up for the first time to watch the election results come in. I managed to stay awake until the sounds of birdsong heralded the dawn. It wasn't pheasant song, although it could have been – ever seen a fatter one than this?

One of the most charming things about Centre Parcs is the friendly wildlife. Even sitting quietly reading and having a coffee at Starbucks can be marked by unusual visitors!

Quite a surprise to be this up close and personal especially when they want to share your crisps with you. And of course, there are no-end of furry residents and I don't mean Bradley. I had a Close Encounter of the furry kind!


Time to relax and get writing

My son Brad joined me for a couple of days with his lovely girlfriend Kari – the villa was lovely, newly done-out and perfect for peace and quiet to continue my writing.

I've now done a revamped synopsis of my 'Mills and Boon' novel and one and a half chapters! The hero and heroine have already had their 'meet cute' and they're about to have their first date. Even I don't know what they'll say next!

Thanks to those of you who offered to be on my 'SFD Sanity List' (if you write yourself, you'll know about SFDs!). When I've done three chapters, I'll email those people so they can kindly read it through for me – just in case I've missed anything or something's drastically awry.

Actually I'd particularly like to hear from you if you know all about yachts and cruisers, as I've got a couple of scenes on a dock and I want to get the terminology right! Or if you know about St Tropez and I don’t mean the tan lotion! Anyway I got a lot done during my break – it was great fun! Aiming to submit by end of May…

In between writing and reading sessions, we walked a lot, swam a lot and played lots of badminton, including with my brother Glenn and his family. Baby Izzy is coming along strong, not quite crawling yet but almost. Mind you, she was more interested in her orange than in our badminton match.

I received some lovely cards and wishes from you guys too, thanks so much. So all in all I had a great birthday and a fab week!

This weekend we've got an hour on Sunday afternoon (16th May) called 'Beyond the Gnome'. You can expect lots of fab garden ornaments and lighting. But, we were toying with ideas for what songs to play on the show. Here are some of our ideas, what can you think of?

  • Gnomatter What They Tell Us….
  • Gnome Woman Gnome Cry
  • Gnome What a Night…
  • Gnoming Me Gnoming You – Haha!

Join us if you can.

Best wishes,



  1. Martin forbes May 14, 2010 at 5:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi debbie.
    Belated birthday wishes.
    I remember you withe your son brad on ehogmanay with your daughter lauren as well i think 1997 he must be 20 now .
    Hope you are well.
    I know iam early but you will get your xmas card as always.
    Ps debbie happy 21st.

  2. catherine mitchell May 17, 2010 at 1:38 am -  Reply

    Debbie just to let you know I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures and videos. I think it is so good of you to share some of the things that is going on in your life with us. Debbie you have such a good looking son he should be a model on QVC, honestly there is not a male model on QVC that I would say is as gorgeous as your son and Kari is lovely too, they make a nice couple. Baby Izzy is just so beautiful.. Once again Debbie thanks for sharing this and God bless,Catherine.

  3. debs May 18, 2010 at 10:39 pm -  Reply

    Martin – I must admit I remembered your name when you commented to me when I first came back! Thanks for being there! 🙂
    Catherine – yes he is!! He’s a lovely lad too! (Except when he’s borrowing my car and forgetting to pay the congestion charge!! :-(.
    Yes I was here from ’94 till 2000, and for several of the new year’s eve shows, the kids came on with me! Fun! And yes Kari is lovely – they make a great couple! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Susan May 24, 2010 at 6:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    I agree with Catherine! What a stunningly handsome son you have!!! He is way too good looking to be a model though! Some are a bit ‘unique’ looking and too full of themselves – which I’m sure your son is not! A beautiful couple and family too. Looks like a lovely holiday you had yourselves. Happy birthday by the way! Take care.
    PS Saw you in leggings and a top the other day and you looked stunning – really suit you. You’re looking so well!

  5. debs May 28, 2010 at 1:25 am -  Reply

    thanks susan! Appreciate it! Feeling well too – thanks to Diet chef from before, and lots of healthy eating and playing on the Wii fit now Lauren’s home! (see later blog!)She even moaned at me to get off it tonight cos I’d been doing it for too long! Loving the balance games – making a diff to my thighs i think! Great stuff! Hope I don’t get bored too quickly! 🙂
    Top is from Julian MacDonald at Debenhams if you mean the green abstract one – but have just ordered a couple of QVC ones incl a Susan Graver cos I like that look! Ta for the reinforcement – you’re very kind!
    Finally – yes Brad is a good looking chap – as I’ve said before – I married my ex-husband for his DNA – hehe!
    In fact, when Brad was a little lad, he did a bit of modelling – not much, just a few bits mostly print, but he did earn enough doing a Hornby railways ad to buy a treehouse or something! Bless him – always been hard working! Anyway thanks for writing!
    best wishes

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