My birthday was great!


I had a really lovely birthday the other weekend as it was full of surprises. I was out feeding the chickens on saturday and when I was coming back, my elder sister Leigh popped round the corner and went "surprise!". She had flown down from Edinburgh just to see me on my birthday!

After I got over the shock and we'd all had a cup of tea and a catch up, my other sister, Alida burst through the front door, having flown down from Glasgow… just to see me on my birthday!  Well, I have never been so surprised in all my life! 

My Mum was there and that had been planned, as she was taking us out for dinner and having established that my brother WASN'T coming down I thought all the surprises were over. We went out to dinner and there, in the restaurant, were some very dear family friends, who had come to join us as well. 

We had a lovely evening and it was great to all be together, but the thing that worries me is how my wife, who had planned it all, had managed to keep it all a complete and utter secret! She is just too good at keeping me in the dark!! Still… "yer only 50 once!".

Simon x

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