My apple tree is bearing bountiful fruits


Craig with apples from his tree Hello, hope you are well,

It's that time of year in my garden when the apple tree goes mad!

I love having the tree in my garden, it was planted by the mother of my beloved neighbour (who used to own the whole house but now lives upstairs from my ground floor flat) in the 70s, so it's a well-established tree and every year it never lets me down and bears some amazing crunchy, sweet apples.

Sadly I can't tell you the variety but I can tell you they are delicious! You can see the apple tree in the photos along with some apples just picked. Needless to say both I, the neighbours from upstairs and both sides next door have a constant supply of fresh apples on demand.

Craig's apple tree One thing I have learned is that at the start of May it is essential to put some 'Codling Moth' on the apple tree; this inhibits the moths laying their eggs in the blossom and hence having a tree full of maggot-filled apples! A tip I got from Richard Jackson!

As well as my apple tree, my neighbours have plum and pear trees, the only frustrating thing is the pear trees are so old and so huge you can see all these amazing huge pears shining in the sunlight begging to be picked but you just can't get at them!!

Do you have any fruit trees or do you grow your own? Do let me know!

See you soon,
Craig. x.


  1. Marg September 23, 2010 at 7:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Craig,
    Belated Happy Birthday wishes, 21 again, best to stick at that,then you just add on times 2 then 3, saves a lot of hassle. Hope you had a lovely time, or perhaps you have plans, the main thing is you enjoy whatever comes your way.
    Best Wishes,

  2. craig rowe September 30, 2010 at 10:13 am -  Reply

    hi Marg
    lovely to hear from you again, how are you?!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, not sure I can get away with 21, but very happy to stick at 35!
    All is well, very happy at QVC and life in general is good, I am blessed with wonderful family and friends, good health and a job I love, so all in all that is the best birthday pressie!
    Hope you are well Marg,

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