Mischa brings her silver style to Designer Day


Mischa with her son Mason I'm so happy and proud to be a part of Designer Day! The QVC family is near and dear to me and designing the Mischa by Design collection has been an honour.

I have two shows on Friday 17th September at 2pm and another at 8pm. I hope all my ladies tune in and give me a call to share their experiences with this special collection – I love to hear your stories!

It's also my 3rd Anniversary with QVC and I have a surprise for my ladies… a gorgeous Rose de France anniversary ring.

I decided to go big, so tune in early or go online before my first show of the day to secure your order. I have a feeling this will be my most sought after ring to date, one that makes you feel absolutely beautiful, refined yet bold!

Mischa by Design 5ct London Blue Topaz Ring Also featuring in my show for the first time is London blue topaz. It's in another larger format ring that has a very modern Deco feel. When I first saw the sample I jumped up and down and said, "Santa came early this year!" Tune in to get your chance at owning this special ring. I myself cannot wait to wear it!

And finally, I want to share a story of inspiration. A few shows ago one of my customers called in live. Her name is Lorraine and she was in love with the big yellow Lima quartz pear ring that has been on-air in more than 20 shows and still consistently sells out. She really wanted a pendant and earrings to go with her ring.

She told me the story of how beautiful she feels when she wears the ring, but doesn't wear it that often because she didn't have anything to wear with it. Well, Lorraine, I'm so happy to present the Lorraine earrings on this next show and a stunning Lima quartz pear pendant to follow.

You see, I am listening to my ladies and am honoured to let them inspire the collection. After all, all my QVC ladies ARE my inspiration!

Big hugs and looking forward to hearing from you during shows!

Mischa. xxx

Check out the full Mischa by Design collection

Catch Mischa on-air at 2pm and 8pm on Friday 17th September

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