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Michaela from GatineauHi everyone,

Michaela from Gatineau here again. 

Continuing on from yesterday, I'd like to share with you my top ‘tricks of the trade’ so that you can use Gatineau at home like a true professional!

Here are my Salon Secret products that I use in my treatments and am so thrilled to bring them to you. I hope you enjoy them.

Start with a smooth canvas

Gatineau Anti-ageing Gommage Duo
Gatineau Activ Eclat Radiance Enhancing Gommage
Gatineau Activ Eclat Radiance Enhancing Gommage Duo Gatineau Anti Ageing Gommage Duo I know I bang on about this all the time but exfoliation is an absolute must for smooth, radiant skin. I have two personal favourites, the Activ Eclat Radiance Enhancing Gommage (featuring in today's Moisturising, Firming and Brightening Collection).

This deliciously orangey gel uses fruit enzymes to gently loosen dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresh and smooth, ready for the next treatment! I also love the Anti-ageing Gommage, which takes a little more time but it is so satisfying to use as you literally see the dead skin roll off.

Salon Secret - don't just apply this to your face, the backs of the hands suffer just as much. When you've applied the gommage to the face, there will always be a small amount left on your fingertips. Don't wash this off! Smooth it onto the backs of the hands for a wrinkle-smoothing treat.

Don't forget to Deep Clean

Gatineau Deep Cleansing Foam
Gatineau Deep Cleansing Foam We all need a good deep-clean every so often and our Deep Cleansing Foam leaves the skin looking brighter, cleaner and more energised.

This really is a salon treatment you can do at home. The effervescent formula gently fizzes on the skin, removing excess dirt, oil and blocked pores.

Salon Secret - for the ultimate ‘deep clean’ use the foam once a week for six weeks, giving your skin a ‘course’ of treatments to really zap those blackheads and problem areas. You will be amazed at the difference in your complexion.

Masks, Masks, Masks

Gatineau Melatogenine Futur PLUS Anti-wrinkle Radiance Mask
Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus Advanced Anti- Wrinkle Mask Another of my beauty therapy tricks of the trade: without question masks are the best way to give your skin an instant boost of active ingredients in minimum time.

For water-starved skin, try our Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Mask, or for those of you, who are more worried about those lines and wrinkles, use our Melatogenine Futur PLUS Anti Wrinkle Radiance Mask.

Salon Secret - I always say I like to use my masks at night and leave them on until the morning. I understand there may be some of you out there whose partner, or pillowcase, does not appreciate this! So, for a more manageable night-time treat, simply mix a small amount of the mask with your night cream. Your skin is much more receptive between the hours of 12am and 4am and you'll certainly notice the difference in the morning.

Layering is key

Gatineau Melatogenine Force Collagene Anti-wrinkle Concentrate
Gatineau DefiLIFT 3D Perfect Design Volumising Concentrate
Gatineau Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Concentrate
Gatineau Melatogenine Force Collagene Anti-Wrinkle Concentration Gatineau Defilift 3D Perfect Design Vol Concentrate Gatineau Age Benefit Concentrate 25ml I never, ever finish a salon facial without recommending to my clients that they use a serum underneath their moisturiser.

By doing this, you are not only treating the skin on a deeper level, but you can also treat two of your concerns at the same time.

If wrinkles are your nemesis, try the Melatogenine Force Collagen to plump out expression lines. If you want that tighter, more lifted appearance, look no further than the DefiLift 3D Perfect Design Volume to firm up droopy cheeks. Finally if you have no specific concern but are looking for an overall anti-ageing approach then try our new Age Benefit to target all markers of time - fine lines, loss of firmness, radiance and pigmentation.

Salon Secret - if your skin gets a bit oily from time to time, for example in the summer or around your time of the month, use the serum on its own. You'll be treating the root cause of your skin's problems without feeling like you've got too much product on.

Firm up

Gatineau Firming Throat Gel
Gatineau Firming Throat Gel 50ml I've lost count of the number of times clients have come to me asking if there is anything they can do to deal with sagging neck lines and I always recommend the Firming Throat gel.

This firming neck product is a salon secret in itself - it was Gatineau's first neck treatment and proved to be so popular with clients that they brought it out as a retail product. The 30% wheat protein formula instantly gives a tightened, more lifted appearance to the neck and jaw line.

Salon Secret - for a true neck treatment at home apply a pea-sized amount of the throat gel underneath a mask for an unbeatable firming action. Leave for 10 minutes before rinsing off.

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  1. sara warren November 14, 2010 at 5:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi michaela,
    I am 25 years, and i am starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. What product would you advise?? I am currently not using a eye cream, but my mum uses gatineau and she swears by it, so i would like to try it. What products would you advise???

  2. Ali Malcomson February 28, 2012 at 9:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi there. My mum and I adore Gatineau products and would love to treat ourselves to a spa facial. Can you please advise where Gatineau spas are in the UK especially in Scotland.
    Ali x

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