Meet our new Diamonique guest Allison Ripka


Allison Ripka Hello everyone! (and, thank you for the warm introduction in your blog, Judie!)

I'm so excited to be hosting Judith Ripka’s upcoming QVC UK Anniversary shows this Monday, July 26th at 11am and 6pm and am hoping that all of you will tune in.

I'm passionate about fashion and genuinely love jewellery. I believe that jewellery 'makes' an outfit. I wear jewellery because it makes me feel good and brightens my day. I feel that jewellery should be enjoyed, and I share this philosophy with my friends and our clients.

One of the reasons I love working with Judith is because her jewellery is for every woman. It's amazing that I wear the jewellery, Judith wears it and my nieces wear it – it is truly generational.

Judith adds a special twist and flavour to each piece of jewellery she designs. She has an incredible eye for design and gift of style. Her innovative design concepts allow each piece of jewellery to be worn in a myriad of ways. Short necklaces can be transformed into long necklaces, which can then be transformed into bracelets, giving women versatility and the ability to express their own personal style.

My Monday shows feature exquisite pieces including one of my favourites, Judith's pink heart pendant on a pink cord (do keep an eye out for it!). It was one of the first pieces Judith gave me. I remember wearing it so much that my friends said it was my signature look! What I love about it is that I can wear it with my favourite white T-shirt and jeans, then out to dinner with friends. The pink cord adds the perfect punch of colour. I think that you will really enjoy this piece and feel effortlessly beautiful, stylish and chic when you put it on.

Judith Ripka Diamonique Station Necklace The show will also include some of Judith's classic pieces such as her 91cm Diamonique Station Necklace. I always tell my friends that this should be the first piece of Judith Ripka jewellery you should purchase, because it can form the foundation of your jewellery box and gives you the freedom to create endless looks.

You can wear it long, double it for a short layered look and create your own personal look by adding enhancers. I like to call it the 'little black dress' of your jewellery box because it is so versatile. It is a must-have and always my 'go-to' piece. This necklace gives you the tools you need to mix and match different enhancers and chains with your outfit.

I don't want to give away too much more, but thought it was important to give you a taste of how special the show is going to be! I look forward to sharing Judith's exquisite jewellery with you and thank you in advance for welcoming me into your home.

Until then, my very best,
Allison Ripka.

Don't miss Allison's debut shows on QVC at 11am and 6pm on Monday 26th July.

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