Meet Lucy Halsall, editor of Grow Your Own magazine


Grow Your Own magazine picture As part of QVC's new partnership with Grow Your Own magazine, we met up with the editor Lucy Halsall to chat about growing your own fruit and vegetables.


What's your gardening background?


I was brought up on my parents' market garden and it was them who got me fired up about the whole gardening concept. I have an honours degree in Environmental Biology, which is more about the science behind gardening.


I worked as a horticultural advisor for the RHS for six years, which was fascinating as I was giving gardeners advice on all manner of questions. I then became gardening editor at Amateur Gardening magazine, and then editor of Grow Your Own magazine.


So I've come very much from a horticultural background, which I think helps me to explain the reasons behind my gardening advice.

Why do QVC and Grow Your Own magazine work so well together?


We're both very keen on encouraging people to immerse themselves in gardening. I've seen Richard Jackson's programmes and I love his passion, and I think QVC and Grow Your Own magazine both convey that passion really well.


What are the benefits of growing your own fruit and veg?


Well, there are quite a few! I think the main one is the satisfaction of being involved in something from start to finish.


It helps to keep you fit and healthy, as you're getting your vitamins and antioxidants.


Allotments in particular are a great way of building a community spirit. Swapping seeds and bartering plants are great ways to get to know your neighbours.


You can also get so many more varieties of fruit and veg when you grow your own. Flick through a seed catalogue and you’ll find 50 varieties of tomato, which you just don't get in the supermarket.

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