Meet James Boyd, designer of the Daisy Chakra bracelet


James Boyd Hi, I'm James Boyd, the creator of the Daisy Chakra bracelet.

The Chakra collection was inspired by my introduction to yoga following two years of pain and discomfort with a chronic stomach condition. The chakras and their system of energy flow are a fundamental part of yoga and were instrumental in bringing balance, wellness and health back in my life.

The motifs in the collection are the Hindu symbols most commonly associated with the chakras and as a jewellery designer I have modified them as little as possible but sufficiently so that they could be worn by people to aid them in their journey through life.

The collection of bracelets follows the seven chakras and the seven colours of the rainbow; each chakra has key characteristics, attributes and emotions associated with it. The Chakra Bracelets do not profess to affect the wearer's spiritual or physical wellbeing. Rather let your Daisy Chakra act as a reminder to you of the higher plane on which you aspire to lead your life, as you explore this ancient Eastern philosophy.

The meaning behind each bracelet

Muladhara - base chakra Muladhara – the base chakra
Location: base of the spine
Colour: red
Characteristics of a balanced Muladhara: good health, vitality, feelings of balance and security, ability to relax and be still, and well grounded
Strives towards: self-presentation

Svadhistana - sacral chakra Svadhistana – the sacral chakra
Location: lower abdomen
Colour: orange
Characteristics of a balanced Svadhistana: graceful movement, emotional intelligence, ability to change, nurturing oneself and others
Strives towards: self-gratification

Manipura - solar plexus chakra Manipura – the solar plexus chakra
Location: solar plexus
Colour: yellow
Characteristics of a balanced Manipura: responsible, reliable, good self esteem, confidence, spontaneity and self-secure
Strives towards: self-definition

Anahata - heart chakra Anahata – the heart chakra
Location: heart and chest
Colour: green
Characteristics of a balanced Anahata: compassionate, loving, sensitive, emotionally intelligent, altruistic and good immune system
Strives towards: acceptance to self and others

Vishuddha - throat chakra Vishuddha – the throat chakra
Location: throat
Colour: blue
Characteristics of a balanced Vishuddha: articulate, resonant voice, good listener, thrives on creativity and good musical sense
Strives towards: self-expression

Anja - brow chakra Ajna – the brow chakra
Location: brow and forehead
Colour: indigo
Characteristics of a balanced Ajna: intuitive, perceptive, imaginative, good memory, good dream recall, and good visualisation
Strives towards: self-reflection

Sahasrara - crown chakra Sahasrara – the crown chakra
Location: cerebral cortex
Colour: violet
Characteristics of a balanced Sahasrara: open-mindedness, ability to question, intelligence, thoughtfulness and awareness
Strives towards: self-knowledge

Look out for the Daisy Chakra bracelet during our Love Jewellery event on Tuesday 18th January

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  1. lpatricia gardiner January 17, 2011 at 4:51 pm -  Reply

    hi james wow i cant wait to watch tommorrow how fab they look just looking down at your wrist seeing your daisy chakra with its meaning all ways reminding you how to try to be what you realy want to be what a wonderful way to achieve this see you tommorrow kind regards trish

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