Meet new guest Emma Forbes from Wild Organics


Emma Forbes Known for her bubbly personality on morning TV shows such as Live & Kicking, Emma Forbes has recently been chosen as the Brand Ambassador for Wild Organics.

We caught up with Emma to find out more…

Tell us more about joining Wild Organics

I immediately fell in love with Wild Organics because the products smell so delicious, are just the type of products that I like. I love the branding, packaging, and the whole concept. It’s luxurious and pampering, yet free from all those horrible chemical ingredients – and is certified by Ecocert!

I wanted to get involved in a range of products for so long with my best girlfriend Julia Stringer but it was a huge process. In doing so I researched all the ‘green’ brands and ranges that were out there and discovered Wild Organics.

Why go organic?

Wild Organics 8 Piece Sensational Discovery CollectionWhen we were growing up there were no labels like ‘organic’, but my mother (actress Nanette Newman) would always cook using healthy food and use alternative, natural medicines. She would sprout her own beans and bake her own wholemeal bread – so I think I have really taken after her!

I try to buy green and eco where possible and recently became worried about the amount of chemicals I was applying to my own and to my family’s skin every day. More and more I have been looking into things that are natural, chemical-free or organic wherever possible.

What are your top three beauty products from the range?

The cold winter weather really affects your skin and so I love to use the new Calming Cornflower Body Butter as it really soothes and conditions my skin leaving it feeling so soft and refreshed.
Wild Organics Sumptuous Body Scrub and Bath Duo I am a girl who loves to pamper so I treat myself to a relaxing home pedicure now and again. The Blissful Foot Spa collection gives you everything you need from the relaxing Foot Soak to the exfoliating Foot Scrub and it leaves my feet tingling, clean and recharged. 
When all I want to do is relax and unwind, I run a deep bath and treat myself to a Marshmallow Butter Sugar Scrub. The butter softens and melts as you rub it onto your skin and the organic sugar really buffs my skin, leaving my whole body feeling smooth and conditioned.

Are you looking forward to presenting on QVC?

QVC is a whole new experience for me – challenging and exciting! I love doing live TV more than anything so am excited at the prospect. I'm really thrilled to be working alongside the QVC team and being behind a product range I so believe in!

Describe your daily beauty routine

Wild Organics 3 Piece Cornflower Body Spa Collection Every morning I wake myself up in the shower with the refreshing Wild Organics Mellow Peppermint Skin Wash followed by a cleansing body scrub using either Wild Organics White Willow Skin Polish or Calming Cornflower Skin Polish.

I also use a face wash in the shower, a serum under my daily moisturiser and facial oils with an eye cream at night under my moisturiser.

I can’t wait for Wild Organics to create a skincare line for me! I make sure I moisturise my body especially my elbows and knees every morning and evening with Wild Organics Fresh Lime Flower Skin Lotion or Calming Cornflower Body Butter.

Any beauty tips you'd like to share?

My mother taught me that you didn't have to spend a fortune on products to have good skin; to never sleep with make-up on, and to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Take care of your body by regularly buffing, exfoliating and moisturising and it will take care of you! I use Wild Organics Calming Cornflower Body Spa collection, it ticks all the boxes!

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For more of Emma Forbes' top tips, tune in on Monday 25th January at 1pm.

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