MBT footwear is coming to QVC!


MBT Autumnal Nafasi black

Friday 21st October sees the launch of MBT footwear on QVC. This innovative range of footwear incorporates superior design and construction to create stylish and super-comfy footwear. We asked MBT to tell us more…

Tell us about MBT
In 1996, MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) pioneered a unique technology in footwear: built-in instability that encourages movement whether standing or walking. Using high-quality materials, craftsmanship and construction, MBTs are designed to increase a person’s level of movement at work, at home and throughout their day.

What inspired the design of this footwear – how did it get started?
By watching the Masai, a semi-nomadic tribe from East Africa, Swiss engineer Karl Muller discovered the idea behind MBT: the simple fact that walking barefoot on soft, natural ground means that the Masai have to balance their bodies with each and every step.

Muller’s discovery did not happen in Africa but during a residence in Korea, where he was struck by his experience of walking barefoot over paddy fields – and the difference this made to his own gait.

After his return to Switzerland, Karl Muller began to develop a footwear technology that would recreate the natural instability of soft surfaces and make them accessible to people who, in their day-to-day life, are forced to move on hard ground. Over many years of research and development “Masai Barefoot Technology” was perfected to the stage where it was ready to be introduced to the market.
What are the benefits of MBT footwear?
The interplay between the three main elements of MBT’s sole construction, the Masai Sensor in the heel, the Balancing Area under the mid foot and the Round Sole create MBT’s unique technology.

Sinking into the Masai Sensor and rolling over the Balancing Area creates the instability that helps the wearer add more movement to their everyday lives. Whereas traditional footwear is designed for use on hard, flat surfaces and to stabilize movement, MBTs are designed to mimic moving on uneven ground, which is accomplished through its built-in instability.

By generating movement through its unstable shoe construction, MBTs can help to increase muscle activation in the foot, ankle and lower legs. With this increased movement, MBT can also help to change certain characteristics of posture and balance. MBTs are an efficient way to add more movement into everyday life 
How does one find the right MBT shoe for them?
MBTs come in a variety of great styles, ranging from athletic to casual to dress styles – perfect for almost any occasion.

Join us for the premiere on Friday 21st October at 5pm!


  1. rachel freeman October 19, 2011 at 6:26 pm -  Reply

    Love mbts, work in the exhibition industry and they are a total life (and feet) saver. Can’t wait to see the show! Rachel in weymouth

  2. vera wormall October 19, 2011 at 9:28 pm -  Reply

    my husband bought a pair of mbts just over 2 years ago and he loves them.

  3. GERALDINE CAMPBELL October 19, 2011 at 10:08 pm -  Reply

    Hi,looking forward to your show with MBTs.Have you ever thought of airing fitflops. They are so comfortable. I know there are other replicas out there but the original fitflop is just great.

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