May gardening jobs: part 1


Tomazing Sweet Tomato Plants

Hi everyone,

I absolutely love May! The garden is full of colour and life and in terms of gardening jobs it's all systems go. Here's the first part of my 'to do' list for May…

Get bumper tomato crops
For a great crop, start feeding your tomato plants with Flower Power (or a similar high potash fertilizer) as soon as the first truss of flowers has set. I'd recommend feeding outdoor plants once a week, and those grown in the greenhouse twice a week.
Fab fuchsia displays
Pinch out the growing tips of young fuchsia plants. This will delay the first flowers by a few weeks but it’s worth it! Your plants will grow much bushier and you’ll double the number of flowers during the summer.
Care for your basil
The quickest way to lose basil is to over-water it late in the day. So for best results, water it in the morning. Any excess water then drains out of the compost during the rest of the day, so the plants aren’t too wet at night. 

Looking after your rosesQueen Elizabeth Hardy Grandiflora Rose
If your roses suffered from mildew, black spot or rust last year, spray them fortnightly this season with Systhane Fungus Fighter to stop the problem happening again. It also helps if you keep your roses well watered, especially climbers and ramblers. 
Pest alert
Watch out for the first signs of greenfly and nip them in the bud or they’ll get much worse. Squash them or use Nature’s Answers Natural Bug killer. For long term control grow poached egg plants. Their flowers attract hoverflies who love eating greenfly.
Grow runner beans
Runner beans are really easy to grow and taste great. You can grow them up 6ft high canes on a sunny fence or up a wigwam of canes in a big tub. Sow two seeds per cane and you’ll be picking your first beans in just a few weeks.

Check back next week for the second part of my May gardening jobs.

Happy gardening,


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