Man flu strikes…


Dale's children dressed up for their Nativity play


It’s been a frustrating week for me. I was looking forward to presenting some great shows on QVC including my 2nd show with Kelly Hoppen, but I managed to catch a very nasty man-flu viral thingy. It clung to my vocal chords and made me sound as if I was using one of those voice changers they use on TV crime buster shows to protect the identity of the person! Some of you might have said it was an improvement!

Anyway the short of the long is I haven’t left the house much since last Friday, thus I don’t have a lot to blog about this week.  However to explain the photo (above), while I was at home I was asked to compile my views on Christmas for a forthcoming web feature and I started looking through some old photos of my Children Alex and Jack’s first Nativity play and found this one from Christmas 2000. Alex is Mary and Jack a wise King (takes after his father!) Hope it makes you smile, as it did me – Cheeky or what?!
Last week I mentioned my dog Toby’s tribulations that took an unbelievable turn for the worse when he lost yet another claw on Saturday!! I am pleased to say that he has made a brilliant recovery and seems to be absolutely fine. It’s not easy keeping an 11 month old puppy calm when he meets other dogs or for that matter people, but we’ve got to try for his sake.
So hopefully by the time you read this I’m back on air. Whatever happens I am determined to be back by Julia’s side on Tuesday evening to Launch Wednesday’s GEM DAY.

Dale x


  1. Marg September 28, 2009 at 7:50 pm -  Reply

    I’m sure you will be back for Tuesday, Dale.Between you and Toby your having a real fine time.Poor Toby he has only 17 to go and he will have completed his pedicure. Its all part of having dogs, pets in general,you laugh one minute and cry the next.If they could just use sign language,not speak,just something to take away the guess work of how they are feeling. My little one just lies on her back with legs in the air and whimpers when shes off colour, I know, I’ve let her see to many cartoons so now she acts everything out.I’m almost sure Toby is due a rest, perhaps if you had an obediance class you could join with the children,it can be great for all taking part,well mabye after the festive period when he has grown a little hair. I really hope you and your four legged friend recover and get a little respite,I have my long suffering husband and son waiting for the next episode of ‘Mr Dales Diary’.All good wishes,

  2. Julie Anderson October 4, 2009 at 2:42 pm -  Reply

    Aww Dale, you poor man!!
    I saw you on the Gem day Grand Finale with Julia on Wednesday night. It was wonderful and a good laught. My hubby bought me the mookite necklace for our 4th wedding anniversary and i hope to buy more when it comes back into stock.
    Glad you are ok and back on air. And glad Toby is recovering well, poor boy!
    The picture of your children is just lovely, thanks for sharing.
    Love Jules

  3. DALE FRANKLIN October 5, 2009 at 12:20 pm -  Reply

    Marg and Jules, thanks as always for your comments. Toby has now totally recovered and is bouncing around like “Tigger”. The King and Mary are more like adults now and approach their 13th Birthday ! They were only 9 months old when I came for my 1st QVC audition !! Dale x

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