Making my own chicken run!


Simon starting work on the chicken run Well, I have had a week off and thought I would stay at home and play with the kids and relax. Of course, I knew I would get bored when they were at school and nursery so I set myself a little project… building a chicken run! 

We have some friends that had 5,000 chickens and when they 'got rid of them' before the new lot arrived, there were a few escapees that we said we would 'rescue!' 

I had a plan of taking my time and when I was finished, I would simply call up and arrange to pick them up. Unfortunately a plan was hatched (excuse the pun) to have them delivered on Thursday come rain or shine… and I found out about it on Tuesday. So I thought I'd better get to it!Simon enjoying a quick cup of tea

As you can see I was starting from scratch and after chatting to a few local poultry people, we decided we had to make a good-sized run and keep them enclosed for a good while. After all, Mr Fox is not shy and has been known to make off with a hen or two in the middle of the afternoon! So, I started and found that by hammering in 2.5m long poles by myself, I had muscles I never knew I had!   

Simon standing outside his nearly completed chicken run Things were going well until we had the biggest thunder storm I have seen for a while, which lasted most of the day. However, with the chooks already packing and looking forward to their trip, I had to keep going. 

As things shaped up I started to wonder if my plan was going to be big enough! It’s one of those 'no going back' things so I persevered and by the end of day two, the structure was almost done.

Next day the refugees arrived and within an hour or so they were making happy clucking sounds so, I Simon's chickens guess there new home is OK! They look a bit hen pecked and dishevelled at the moment but within a month or so I expect them to be in full glossy organic health (see photo right). By the way, the first day we got three very large eggs and by day three we were up to four a day so things are settling down well!

My son has decided to name them: Unni (after my Mother-in-law!), Georgina, Charlotte, Hannah and Abigail (all girls in his class at school) – although I’m sure we'll end up shortening those names soon!

Simon's completed chicken run And I've finished! (see photo right)

Now does anyone know the number for Aardman Animations? We could have a new blockbuster here!

Love Simon X


  1. Simon Biagi June 20, 2009 at 9:33 pm -  Reply

    Just an update to say the ‘girls’ are all doing well and we are getting an average of 4 eggs a day! Boiled eggs are proving very popular with the kids at the moment!
    Simon X

  2. Kerry March 24, 2012 at 5:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Simon, I love your chicken run. Could you come and build one for us. Only problem is we live in South Africa. Ha ha. I will try and copy yours. Kerry

  3. sami March 10, 2013 at 4:45 pm -  Reply

    hi. love your idea very nice.. just waiting for the weather to get better and il make a start lol..

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