Jemma Kidd’s top tips for every women’s beauty woes


Jemma KiddJemma Kidd is back on your screens today at 4pm with her professional, multi-functional make-up. She has a wealth of make-up knowledge and expertise and here she tackles some of the common make-up malfunctions we suffer in the summer months.

Disguise tired eyes
Every woman suffers from dark eyes at some point. To disguise them, apply a little yellow-based concealer under the eyes where shadows will be darker and pat it to diffuse.

Neutralise any redness by gently patting a little eye primer over the eyelids, then, using a flesh-toned eyeliner pencil, draw along the inner rim of the lower lids to make eyes appear brighter. Add a touch of highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes to make them sparkle.

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Combat chapped lips
If you have chapped lips, apply lip balm and after a few minutes massage gently with a soft toothbrush or flannel. Alternatively, exfoliate gently with a sugar-based lip scrub to remove any flaky skin then apply lip balm generously. Look out for lipgloss with added vitamin E to protect lips whilst adding shine.

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Look slimmer in an instant
The opposite of highlighting, where a lighter colour is used to draw out features or bring them forward, contouring uses a darker colour to make features recede. Contouring can add definition to the face and subtly alter its shape.

To make a round face appear slimmer and more elongated, use an oval-headed cheek brush to apply a matte bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks. Think of a tadpole shape - the ‘head’ in the hollow under the apple of the cheek, the ‘tail’ blending to nothing towards the hairline. 

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Conceal weepy peepers
During the summer months allergies can play havoc with your make-up, making your mascara run and leaving the eye area red and irritated. For staying power switch to a waterproof mascara or lash tint, which will hold up against wind, rain and snow, then apply a little yellow-based concealer over your lids and at the corner of your eyes to neutralise any redness.

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Prevent dry, scaly skin
Temperature extremes deprive the skin of moisture, slowing down the cell renewal process leaving a dry, flaky surface. You can restore radiance to skin in the winter months by increasing hydration. For an intensive moisture boost, apply a hydrating serum underneath your daily moisturiser and ensure your foundation is ultra moisturising.

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