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Lulu Today we're offering you a fantastic Today's Special Value from Lulu – a hydrating skincare trio containing full-sized essentials to help in the fight against ageing.

We caught up with Lulu to get her top tips and to catch up on all her New Year gossip…

Describe your routine for using today's TSV

Today's Special Value is all about essential hydration and, for me, hydration starts with Youth Juice. I cannot live without my Youth Juice and I apply it religiously to my face and neck, both day and night. 

Youth Juice is a substitute for the natural sebum needed to keep skin plump and moist. I hold my index finger over the bottle opening and tip it upside down and back to get small amounts of oil on my finger. It takes 3 – 4 times to get the amount needed to cover my face and neck. I apply it in an upward circular motion.

Lulu's Time Bomb three-piece hydrating collection In the morning, I follow the Youth Juice with my Glory Days Cream, which I apply evenly all over my face.  One of the things I love about Glory Days is the way it transforms my skin, evening out the colour of my skin and giving it a nice tone. 

At night I use the Flashback Night Cream, which seals the Youth Juice into my skin. It actually forms a barrier that locks in the moisture, so you wake up looking fresh and dewy. It's the best way to make the most of your beauty sleep!

What are your beauty New Year resolutions?

My goal is to stick with the things that I know work best when it comes to beauty. I'm a firm believer that drinking lots of water, getting a healthy amount of sleep and exercise are three of the cornerstones of any beauty regime. And of course, faithfully using products that work.

Julia, Alison K and Alison Y went to see your 'Here Come the Girls' tour – tell us about it.

Lulu with Julia and Alison K backstage at her concert Oh, I hope they had fun! The show was billed as the 'most fabulous girls' night out' and that's really what it was! Just a great time singing some amazing songs, with two of the best singers in the world (Anastacia and Chaka Khan), to an audience that was just so excited to be there.

That was one of the best things, that at every stop on the tour the audience was there to throw their hands up and dance and sing along with us. I just loved it. 

And as for backstage gossip, of course there is some, but a diva never tells…

What are your plans for 2010?

Well, musically I will be working on a new album and definitely going back out on tour. Beauty-wise I have a few new product ideas that I will be testing out and I'm looking forward to the full-size Operation: Glam products being available on QVC.

Which key beauty items will you be mostly using this year?  

Lulu's 5 Piece Operation Glam Volumising Haircare There are already a few products that I just can't get enough of this year! I use the new Operation: Glam Glammunition on my hair religiously. I have fine hair that goes flat without products and this makes my hair look and feel thicker – like the hair I wish I was born with! 

And I absolutely rely on the Hand to Hand Combat Hand Cream. No matter how young you look, your hands can really give away your age, so you mustn't neglect them! I use hand cream several times a day, every day, to keep them smooth and moist and youthful looking!

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