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Last week we gave you the chance to put your beauty questions to Liz Earle and her team of experts. So, as promised, here are the solutions to your skincare dilemmas.

Caroline Archer Q. Hi Liz & team. I have a teenage son who is suffering from spots on his face and back. I was wondering what products to use.

Posted by Debbie Williams

A. Hi Debbie, it’s Caroline (Customer Expert) here. This is a regular question that I’m asked on my travels, and the good news is we can help! Firstly, regular use of Cleanse & Polish makes a big difference in regulating problematic skin, without stripping skin of its natural oils. We also have the men’s Cleanse & Polish, if he’d like his own.

For his back, he could try one of our SLS-free, gentle body washes. There is Orange Flower and even a men’s version to choose from. Gentle exfoliation on the body can also help – try our Energising Body Scrub, often available in our special kits in smaller sizes.

To supplement regular use of Cleanse & Polish he might get some benefit from either our Gentle Face Exfoliator or Liz Earle for Men Face Scrub.

Q. Hi Liz & team. I am 55 and started using your products about eight months ago, and the difference to my skin is truly amazing. I have just bought the perfume and now don’t want to wear anything else. What do I do with all my other fragrances?! I am totally addicted and keep smelling myself! (As I do after using all the other products). Will you be doing a make-up range? Please, please say yes.

Posted by Margaret

A. Hi Margaret, it's Caroline (Customer Expert) here. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments I’m so pleased to hear that you love our skincare and your feedback on Botanical Essence No 1 is amazing – it is addictive, isn’t it? I’m sure it will be on lots of Christmas wish lists this year.

We also always pass all customer requests back – that’s my job! So be assured that it is winging its way to our development team on the Isle of Wight, where it will join a legion of other make-up requests! In fact, make-up has become a top request – just as haircare was.

Liz Earle Q. Will Liz be bringing out a make-up range at some point?

Posted by Einir Roberts

A. Hi Einir, Liz here. We have plans in the pipeline for all sorts of exciting new Liz Earle products, and we’ll keep you posted as they near their launch. As you know, we take great pride in developing the very best products. This takes time as we are particular about each and every element, going to great lengths to source the ideal botanicals from around the globe and combining ingredients in the most effective ways possible. So keep sending in your great suggestions and watch this space!

Q. My daughter suffers from eczema on her hands and face, especially in the summer time. She also has a peanut allergy. I was wondering what products to use as she is only nine years old. I try very hard to look after her skin. Also, are the hair products suitable to use on her?

Posted by Lorna Wilson
A. One of the reasons I developed the range was because, like your daughter, I have eczema/extremely sensitive skin (as do all five of my children). If your daughter’s eczema is serious, then your first port of call should be your GP.

I use Superskin Moisturiser on my son who suffers with dry patches on his cheeks (especially in winter). All of my children, from my baby to my oldest, have been brought up bathing with our SLS-free Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash. Botanical Shine shampoo may also help a dry and sensitive scalp – I know it has worked on mine.

As your daughter has skin sensitivity, it is very important to patch test first before using any new product. Over the years we have heard many positive stories about how our products have helped people of all ages with sensitive skin, so we hope it works for you too. Liz

Jo Givens Q. I have used your products for two years, but I wonder if you could help. I am 49-years-old and always use the dry/sensitive Skin Repair Moisturiser and I have been having flaky skin in my eyebrows. Can you help? Thank you.

Posted by Deborah

A. Hi Deborah, it’s Jo (Treatments Development Manager) here. As Caroline mentioned on a recent show, massaging Superskin Concentrate into your eyebrows may soothe and smooth this area. You can also gently work Cleanse & Polish into your brows, using the muslin cloth to remove any stubborn flakes. I find Superbalm helps – this plant-based miracle worker helps calm dry, chapped skin wherever it appears. Hope my tips are useful.

Q. Hi Liz & team. I am 47 and on HRT, and I don’t wear make-up very often. I use Cleanse & Polish and love it, but in the last six months, my face has a brown ‘mask’ all over and stops at my jawline. Can you help, please? Thanks Barbara

Posted by Barbara McEwan

A. Hi Barbara, it’s Jo (Treatments Development Manager). First, I would recommend that you get advice from your doctor as they may be able to suggest something to help reduce the ‘mask’. Continue to use Cleanse & Polish, as this will keep your skin clean and conditioned. Always wear a good mineral sunscreen of SPF20 or higher in the sun and avoid artificial UV, like sun beds. Protecting your skin is important with any colour change.

You could also take supplements of vitamins A and C (always check with your doctor first), as these maintain the skin’s protection and help rebuild skin cells. I hope this helps.

Louise Murray_picnik Q. Liz, hello from Dublin. I have been using your Cleanse & Polish products for some time now and I am completely hooked. My skin looks radiant and people comment. I recently read that you have introduced a similar haircare range. Perhaps you are going to introduce it on QVC soon. I would love to know

Posted by Ann McLoughlin

A. Hi Ann, Louise (PR Manager) here. Glad to hear that you’re also a fan of C&P, as our customers dub our hero cleanser. I was thrilled to join Liz last week to share the latest award Cleanse & Polish has won as part of Elle Magazine’s first beauty awards. It’s amazing that this multi award-winner (it has received 55 awards and accolades over the past 15 years since it launched) still wins month after month, year after year!

We very much hope that the new Botanical Shine haircare range will also prove to be equally successful, and help customers achieve healthy, radiant-looking hair. The range is now available on QVC, so hope you enjoy.
Jennifer Hirsch Q. Why don’t you recommend using daily SPF? I have bought Sun Shade in the past for holidays but on all the shows that I’ve watched over the years, I’ve never seen you recommend using SPF on a daily basis to prevent skin ageing – and I’ve always found this very surprising.

Posted by Linda Kay

A. Linda, it’s Jennifer (Botanical Research Manager) here. We would always recommend that when you are out and about in the sun you should apply a sun protection product. However, when we originally developed our Skin Repair Moisturisers, we deliberately made a decision not to include sun protection for several reasons. The moisturisers were designed to be used day and night, and you don’t need sun protection at night time.

Over the years, we have worked with many sun and skincare experts and they have always told us that we need a certain amount of sunlight for the healthy functioning of our skin courtesy of vitamin D.

You know better than we do how much exposure your skin gets, and should use discretion when it comes to using SPF; if you feel you need an SPF, then do. You can use our SPF20 Mineral Sun Cream on its own or over your moisturiser. In the summer months, I find that the sun cream alone is hydrating enough in warm weather.  

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  1. Sue Joynson November 29, 2010 at 10:31 pm -  Reply

    LIZ, can you please tell me why your spot on is no longer available on the qvc website, I have tried numerous times to purchase this with no luck. Are you discotinuing this product. It is the one thing that I have in my possession as it can be used on all sorts of ailments, including my dog who had a bite, she did not object to having it used on her and hey presto the bites were gone the following morning.
    Hope you can help

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