Lauren’s graduation, a funny and lunch with Lee!


Debbie with Brad and Lauren -    What a lovely day it was last Friday – smashing day for going to a daughter's graduation ceremony!
-    Lunch with my lovely pal hi-tech Lee Hohbein and hooking up with brother number two
-    And a little funny for you!

End of an era
Well Lolly finally graduated – she got a BA in Commercial Music. And the ceremony in Bath was a grand affair in a big marquee – so big you could hardly see the people on the stage from the back!

Lauren at her graduation An hour and a half later, we were outside, in the cool, having watched a whole host of undergrads become grads, all bedecked in their traditional robes and all looking rather pleased with themselves. As they should be! Now I never ever went to my graduation ceremony – no pic of me in robes exists – I was very anti-conventional in those days. But as a mum I can't tell you how proud I am of seeing my kids both get their degrees.

Brad's using his – he works in construction. But Lauren's commercial Brad and Lauren music degree may prove a bit more problematical. Anyone know a music publishers that needs a receptionist? Or a recording studio that might want a girl Friday? Seriously, it'd be lovely if she did end up using her degree, but to be honest, as long as she's happy that's the main thing.

Lauren's about to start a little job as a hotel receptionist and stay in Bath house-sharing with some of her former housemates 'cos she loves the place so much, including her boyfriend Nick. So I really will be an empty nester proper! Time to have a clear out methinks! Anyone want her dwarf hamster? It seems to have been forgotten about in my back room! lol
Brad's fiancee Kari, Brad, Lauren, Debbie and Nigel The other major part of the day was having my lovely Rocker Nigel with me to share events – including meeting Brad for the first time – they got on famously – and seeing my ex-husband, the kids' dad Tony, and his third wife Nicky. We all had a very amicable lunch, and then Tony left and I took us to play crazy golf in Victoria Park – wonderful little course – some clever holes, and lots of fun!

And then I bid goodbye to my lovely girl, who's just beginning a brand new journey, at the end of an era for both of us. And the start of a wonderful new one. Bit of the unknown – for both of us, actually, given the watershed I'm kind of at too! Exciting tho'. Did you do anything when yours left home? One thing I do a lot more of is socialise!

Lunches lunches lunches!
Debbie lunches with tech guest Lee Hohbein So this week I also went to late lunch with my pal Lee Hohbein – our fabulous hi-tech guest. We have tons of giggles on air, (see below) and I always really enjoy being on a show with Lee. In fact, here's a little funny from on air last weekend, which I thought might make you smile!


Bad impression I know, and I can't tell jokes for toffee! But having just watched a Tommy Cooper tribute show, I couldn't resist!

Linda, Del and Debbie Another lunch this week was on the rather warm Sunday afternoon, where I got to hook up with brother number two, Del-boy, the copper, who's often not around much so it was good to see him.

He's always sending us text jokes that are doing the rounds, but most are too rude to repeat!! Lol. I did manage to procure myself my usual Debbie's three-drink fest three drinks scenario tho' – not deliberately this time! But having accumulated them I certainly did my best to drink them! It was a lovely picturesque location, down by the Thames at The Weir, near Sunbury, and the weather made it extra special and nice!

Anyway, that's it for another week. Next week, look out for a very special stand-in blogger, during my week away – Nige and I are having a 'staycation' – at mine – till Wednesday – so do come back to find out more!

Best wishes to all

P.S. Very exciting news about a top author coming to QVC – my interview with him will be at the end of September – will keep you informed as soon as I'm allowed to talk about it!!

P.P.S. Hi all, in case you were wondering, Debbie's weblady Sally does exist – it's me! But I promise you all I do is the techie bit of formating and publishing these posts - all the rest is Deb's own handiwork. And no, I don't know where she finds the time either!


  1. Michelle Roberts July 29, 2011 at 2:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, First I would like to say I really appreciate all the work you do with regarding the blogs, I feel very Privileged that you let us share in on all your family and your daily life which I find very entertaining and funny and I look forward to reading them, so please keep them coming!!
    You mentioned Lauren leaving home, well Debs you know what I have never left home so to speak, when I married my Del-Boy I shipped him in and we all live as a family of four now(not for everyone I know but it works for us we have all lived together for 17 years now)
    We did knock the old farm house down to build a much bigger house so we all have space to move!!
    My younger brother is a copper too, he plods the Colwyn bay area of North Wales, what is it with brother’s he always sending me texts with naughty jokes too!! Brother’s hey
    I bet that was an interesting lunch with the ex husband and third wife Nicky, but I think most family’s are made up that way, nice that you can all get along!!
    I just wanted to add ,I wish Lauren good luck for the future, I really hope she finds the job of her dreams.
    Have a good week with Nigel and try and get some rest, god you never stop Debs.
    Take care
    Michelle x x x

  2. Jacky July 29, 2011 at 8:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Watching you doing the Clarkes sale show and wanted to add my weight (considerable) to request the buyers look at a range of shoes for wider feet. Find it really helpful when presenters comment on width and if need to size up.

  3. Tracey Dean July 29, 2011 at 8:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, Glad to see you had a nice time at your daughter’s graduation. It bought back memories of my graduation from music college in London, the ceremony was held at the Cafe Royal in Regent Street, but unfortunately both my parents had died by the time I graduated.
    Whilst watching the Clarks sale you said to let you know about feet width issues. I have always had problems getting shoes and especially boots to fit me width wise. I live in Birkenstocks in the summer as even the ‘narrower’ footbed is not too narrow and you can adjust the straps. This month I have spent a fortune returning shoes that are too narrow. I have tried skechers tone ups – the strappy type sandals but the straps cut into me and made them so uncomfortable to wear, the straps on the larger size was better but the shoes were far too long. I was really upset about last weeks TSV from Lotus. Following advice I went up a size but they were so narrow I could barely get them on and definitely wouldn’t be able to wear them. Length wise they were perfect. All the money I’ve spent returning shoes makes me very cautious in buying from QVC in the future.
    A nice collection of stylish, wider shoes would be lovely.

  4. shirley chorley July 29, 2011 at 8:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie yes I have real problems with shoes due to wide feet, van dal which I bought from qvc were perfect expensive but good for my feet, or I have to admit M&S footglove are okay but not a good range for me (age 69) as I really like smart shoes and not fuddy duddy ones also my size is 3 which is just as hard to get as your size 8, so qvc more wide fit shoes and sandals for myself and Debbie, also her you say about the Jersey Boys absolutely GREAT bye Debs.

  5. debs flint July 30, 2011 at 1:00 am -  Reply

    ahh cheers Michelle – how lovely to send me such nice comments. Yes it feels like I never stop sometimes! hence next week I’m …stopping! Well, ‘ish’. Nigel and I will be doing quite a lot of stuff on our ‘staycation’ at mine for five days, but at least it’s a mini holiday eh!
    Glad your family get on so well together. Always nice to have family around in times of need and to have fun together. One of the good things I’ve found about being the eldest of five I guess!
    Anyway have a fun week and speak soon – if I’m not on facebook much at least you’ll know why!

  6. Susan July 30, 2011 at 7:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Many manu congrats to your lovely Lauren! What lovely photos of you all too. And so glad you got great weather. Must have been odd to leave her after the lovely day you had together. At least you had your Nige now though! I hope you have a lovely week together. It certainly sounds like a great match Debs.
    Take care,
    Susan x
    PS You’re looking super great!

  7. Carolyn MArtin July 31, 2011 at 1:39 pm -  Reply

    Debbie – after watching your show with Clarks Shoes I have come to the conclusion that you and I share the same feet!!!! I get sooo excited when I see a Birkenstock TSV only to remind myself that they DO NOT come in the wider width – why not for goodness sake – we can’t be the only 2 QVC customers who have wide feet. Please, please, please campaign for more shoes in a wider width. Regards, Carolyn

  8. sue buchan July 31, 2011 at 8:37 pm -  Reply

    debs you asked for people to blog you in regards to shoe sizes and widths. i am an english size 8, which translates to a euro 42. unfortunately a lot of people make a 41 into a size 8, although actually it is more of a 7 1/2. i also take a d-e width, which considering i have a size 8 i do not consider to be a wide fit. a c-d fit on a size 8 makes the foot very long and narrow. i cannot wear lots of shoes on qvc because of the sizing. i wear birkenstocks, only toe post styles though, because of the wider foot base. i am also lucky, i do not have any bunions(yet)!so they are not an issue. hope this proves useful to you. take care sue ps nigel looks lovely

  9. debs flint August 3, 2011 at 7:11 am -  Reply

    wow – ladies thanks for all the comments about wider feet – will definitely go see the head buyer with regard to this and your comments will all help! Still on ‘staycation’ (well for another morning and afternoon!) but just wanted to comment!
    hugs to all

  10. hilary west September 2, 2011 at 11:49 pm -  Reply

    hi Debbie, what a gorgeous family u have,a very proud mum u look. My son just got his A level results and got 3 A stars and 1A and is heading off in october to do a maths degree in mainland uk ( top uni and top for maths).I am so incredibly proud but am going to miss him so much. Oh and i am delighted for u with your new rocker man lol.The future looks bright for sure for both of us lol xx
    love H

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