Kimberley Selwood – why I love designing for QVC


Kimberley's sketches Designing for QVC is a terrific job. I've been making jewellery for nine years and have now been in business for five. Designing is my favourite side of my work, and QVC allows me to indulge my passion.

I love the way ideas flow and I can sit and put pen to paper and let inspiration come. With QVC I design and then step away whilst the products are being made.

Kimberley Selwood When I see the samples it allows me to have the all important distance needed to get perspective on each design, and make alterations to get the final piece perfect.

All my designs are inspired by organic forms and natural elements. For my QVC designs I like to have an integral theme of floral elements and romantic sentiment.

CrocusI start by visiting inspirational places, such as museums like the V&A, taking a walk in the woods, or looking back to holidays in foreign places. I take photos and my sketchbooks and document all I can.

After taking a break I find ideas flow more quickly. Not seeing the images for a while gives me a fresh perspective and a new set of ideas.

Kimberley's mood boardAnother element I always find helpful is to create a mood board, where I take images, colours, and textures, from magazines, wallpapers, and other printed material, and select elements that inspire me.

Sketching lines and forms from the visual material, I start to see designs coming to life. I usually design one piece of jewellery, for example a ring or a pendant, then use the forms to see where a range will go and develop each item of the collection. As the designs evolve I add or remove lines until I'm happy with the final collection as a whole.

Kimberley's sketchbook and jewelleryThe sentiment behind each piece is also very important to me. I'm romantic at heart and I think jewellery is one of the ultimate romantic gestures. Wearing a piece of jewellery that has been given to you or been bought to express an emotion is so special.

From the 'Hold Me, Kiss Me, Love Me' range, to the 'Keep Me Safe Heart', my designs aren't just to say 'I love you', but are an expression of love that can be in all forms, from mother to daughter, best friends, and lovers.

Iris For the upcoming November shows there will be the launch of my 'Bloom' collection. Inspired by flowers in full bloom, the shapes and forms are reminiscent of hydrangeas. It uses a mixture of satin and polished finishes to really highlight the form of the petals. 'Bloom' symbolises growth, new beginnings and radiance. I hope you like it!

I'm working on new collections as we speak – I'll keep you posted!

See more of Kimberley's jewellery online

Tune in for Kimberley's new designs at 10am and 6pm on Friday 26th November.

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