Elemis expert Keeley answers your questions: Part 1


Keeley from Elemis - 180 x 230Hi everyone, Keeley from Elemis here.

Thank you all for your fab questions – there were so many that it's taken me a little while to answer them! I will be posting answers up throughout this week and next so keep a look out for them…

Q. I use the tri-enzyme range after cleanse and toning but have just had a baby about one month ago. Since having the baby I have got really, really sensitive eyes that every time I use the tri-enzyme facial wash my eyes react straight away. They are very itchy and swell up. I do just use it over my face and not on my eye area. Can you please help with my eye problem it is bothering me a lot. Many thanks, Samina.

A. Samina, after having a baby the skin can be reactive. I would stop using it for three months then go back to it and then I'm sure you will be fine.

Q. I have a very oily T-zone. How often should I use the papaya enzyme peel and herbal lavender repair mask? Helen.

A. Helen, I would use them twice a week and sometimes the Fruit Rejuvenating Mask would be good to introduce also.

Q. I'm in my early 60's and my face is like an oil slick all over about an hour after I've used any cleansing, moisturising products. I have very open pores too. I've already tried many Liz Earle and Gatineau products, which don't seem to work very much at all. I know Alison Young says that skin dries out as we age, but mine just never has. The one thing I don't have are wrinkles. Please could you advise what the best routine would be for me? Margaret.

A. Margaret, at least you will be wrinkle free for a while, that's definitely a plus! Have you tried Fruit Rejuvenating Mask? Use this twice a week after exfoliating and also the new Pro Radiance Cleanser is fantastic for oily skin. The Bliss Capsules used under your Pro Collagen works well too at balancing the skin and a few pumps of the Daily Shine Control mixed with Pro Collagen in the day should help too.

Q. I would say I have quite good skin. I use Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but at the moment I tend to be trying every type of moisturiser, including Liz Earle's superskin moisturiser, which gave me dry patches but brightened my skin! But no matter what I use I get dry patches around my mouth and chin and my skin looks very, very dull and I am starting to look old and I am only in my early 40's help! Sheena.

A. Sheena, have you tried SOS Emergency Cream mixed with Pro Collagen Marine Cream? This works well, plus you can try using Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream in the evening as a more intense treatment.

Q. I'm a regular user of both Elemis and Gatineau products and suffer from very sensitive, dry skin. I'm disabled and on quite high doses of morphine, which has played havoc with my skin.

I have pigmentation marks on my cheekbones and around the lower eye orbit bone. I do have regular Elemis facial and body treatments and while I've used the tri-enzyme for 2 years I was advised to avoid the rest of the range.

At present for my eyes, which are very dry so have fine lines and are slightly hooded I'm using Gatineau Melatogenine mask at night and Elemis Pro Collagen during the day but this is still not getting rid of the fine lines. I've tried the Absolute Eye Serum in the facials I've had but this causes my skin to react and then I can't use anything bar Elemis Milk Protein.

After your mini-series I have now swapped my day cream to a mixture of the moisture and pro collagen but find to get the moisture I need it tends to roll off. I'm not sure if this means its time to use bliss capsules again.

Sorry this is long but I would love a recommendation to try for my eyes and whether I'm doing the correct routine with my face or making it too complicated. Louise 🙂

A. Hi Louise, if I was you I would do at least 2 – 3 months of Bliss Capsules and take them right up around the eye area definitely. I would certainly also recommend that you use Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream and again take this right around the eye area. Make sure that you are exfoliating with Papaya Enzyme Peel and follow with the Pro Collagen Quartz Mask that you can also massage around the eye area. Really hope this helps and that you're feeling better soon.

Q. Hi Keeley, I'm 45, always been prone to spots/blackheads however my pores are increasing in size, are noticeable from afar and my t-zone is very congested. I have lots of bumps under my skin particularly around my chin. Been using Pro Collagen Marine Cream a.m. and Oxygenating Cream p.m. with visible difference  underneath.

I'm alternating between ABC skinwash and tri-enzyme face wash, using the tri-enzyme gel twice weekly, however I'm seeing little to no results (been using tri-enzym for over 3 weeks now) – been using lots of the Elemis range for about 9 months. I did use the capsules day/night for a month and did see an improvement however they are quite expensive to repurchase every month – any suggestions?

Also I have a very baggy eye area, can you tell me how to use the eye cream and the eye serum as I'm not sure how close to take them to my eyes and whether they can be used on the lids – any tips for reducing bags would be great please.


A. Claudia are you exfoliating before you use the Tri-Enzyme Gel Mask? This is important. Also, the Fruit Rejuvenating Mask is more of a deep cleansing product that I would alternate with the Tri-Enzyme Gel Mask. You could use Absolute Eye Serum tapped around the eye contour in the morning, Pro Collagen Eye Renewal in the same area on an evening and twice a week use the Absolute Eye Mask over the entire eye area. I'm happy to hear you enjoy watching the shows as much as I love doing them.

Q. I am a new user of Elemis after having an elemis facial at a spa day. I was advised to use the tri-enzyme facial wash, ginseng toner, absolute eye serum and cellular recovery capsules, i purchased them all! I LOVE these products and I am seeing results already after just a week.

Should I continue to use the cellular recovery capsules once my supply has run out or are they to use for a month and then stop? I can be prone to occasional break outs and bumpy looking skin on my back. I'm getting married next year and would like my back to be clear and smooth looking. Can you suggest any elemis products to help with this? Helen.

A. Helen I would do three months of the Bliss Capsules and one month off. Also make sure that you are using the Pro Radiance Cleanser or Lime Blossom Cleanser before the Tri-Enzyme Wash. Also, to keep the skin really smooth, exfoliate with Papaya Enzyme Peel followed by Tri-Enzyme Gel Mask twice a week.

Q. I've been having micro-dermabrasion since September last year and I don't find that it is working. I still have scarring, blackheads, breakouts etc. I've been using Elemis Lime Blossom Cleanser and Lavender Toner for over a year now. Do you have any other suggestions please? By the way, I'm 49 and have always had bad skin, should I still get spots? Love Elemis and the show – especially you and Julia 🙂 Deborah.

A. Deborah, I would try the whole Tri-Enzyme system. It works brilliantly and is much more skin friendly than the treatment you are currently using. Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from breakouts later in life but with a good skin routine we should be able to manage the breakouts.

I have used Elemis for about a month now thanks to my mum. I have very sensitive skin and have rosacea. I use the sensitive cleanser and toner and pro collagen marine cream and the oxygenating night cream. Due to sensitive skin are there any products I should steer clear of or are there any you can recommend that will help?

Up till now I have used Liz Earle which was good but just think now I am 40 I should use something that can give me more and is anti-ageing. Michelle.

A. Michelle, all the products are designed with the skin's comfort and safety in mind so always patch test if in doubt but you should be fine with all the products.

Q. Hi Keeley, I use your tan accelerator and then Ultrasun for the SPF but I get smothered in freckles, especially on my face. I wanted to ask if I should put tan accelerator on my face and would it help keep freckles at bay? Thank you for your help. Lisa.

A. Lisa you can use it on the face but it will not get rid of freckles completely. I personally love freckles though!

Q. Hi Keeley, I'd like to know how to get rid of milia spots under my eyes at the top of my cheeks. I've had some for years and can't seem to shift them – I've tried tri-enzyme and exfoliators and Decleor balm but this hasn't helped. Please help as I get married in September and would like to try and get rid of them. Thanks Gillian.

A. Gillian, I would say Tri-Enzyme Wash as this normally helps, however, as you have said they are still there, it could be that you are over-loading the skin, especially as the Decleor balms are quite rich so ease off the products. Sometimes less is more.

Q. Hi Keeley, I want to know how to incorporate the Ultrasun face product whilst using the tri-enzyme regime. I realise I should not really use the tri-enzyme whilst actually on holiday but how do I use it at home? Margaret.

A. If you are using Ultrasun and going out in any sun, then avoid the Tri-Enzyme complete system unless its just the Tri Enzyme Wash. In this case you would use this wash first.

Q. I love all of the Elemis products. I would like to know if you can put the tan accelerator on your face or is it just for the body? Claire.

A. Hi Claire, yes you an use it on your face after cleansing and toning.

Q. My issue is dark circles – I have recently started using the eye serum which is giving me small milia type spots. I have reduced the amount I am using but am still having problems. Could you please suggest what I could do? I cleanse, tone, use visible brilliance and pro-collagen day and night cream. I am very happy using these products, however I don't use them around my eyes (not sure if it makes any difference but I am 42). Please advise, many thanks in advance for your help. Kuljit.

A. Kuljit, all the products that you have mentioned above can be used right up around the eye area especially the Visible Brilliance and this is a brilliant product for dark circles when used morning and evening.

Q. I will be going to Australia and New Zealand in 5 months time. I have fair skin and burn quite easily – could you recommend some sun protection for face and body please?

Also I would like to use the Elemis tan accelerator to prepare my skin. How far in advance of my holiday would I have to use it and how often? I am a Liz Earle user, but use the milk bath and frangipani monoi moisture melt. Thanks in advance for your help, Gillian 🙂

A. Gillian, I would start using the Tan Accelerator now once a day as a body moisturiser, it really helps prepare the skin for sun exposure and will make such a difference. As far as sun protection, Ultrasun is amazing so I would certainly use those as my sun care without a doubt.

I am Asian and 35 years old. In winter I am fair/light medium but my skin goes one tone up towards medium in the summer months. What can I use to keep my skin colour same in summer? I can understand the pigmentation increases due to exposure in sun, but if you could suggest any product from Elemis that would be great. I don't go out in the sun. I am using Elemis since it has been on QVC. Thank you so much for your help. Kirsha.

A. Kirsha, other than using a good SPF and keeping out the sun you will struggle to keep your skin tone the same colour if exposed to UV unfortunately.

I would be grateful for your advice on how much moisturiser to use. I am currently using Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference but the jar doesn't last anytime at all, perhaps two weeks. I usually put on about the size of the palm of my hand to get the best effect thinking the more I put on the better it works. I am trying this but by mid morning my skin looks greasy (I have very dry skin with quite a lot of redness). Can you advise me please on how much I should be using. I am keen to try something from the Elemis range to see how I get on. Jane.

A. Jane with the Elemis products you have a spatula that comes with the Pro Collagen Marine Cream so you can't go wrong with the amount as it has a hollow in the spatula so you have an exact guide of the amount you should use. As the ingredients are so concentrated you really only need very small amounts. The product should always be warmed in the hands first too for a better application.

Q. Can you recommend a routine for me – I'm 46 of afro-Caribbean origin with oily skin. I have large pores, really dark patches under my eyes, prone to breakouts and lack of radiance. I currently use the tri-enzyme system along with Elemis or Decleor cleanser and moisturisers with exfoliators, masks and ultrasun. I am desperate for a comprehensive routine. Many thanks, Sharon.

A. Hi Sharon, here's a routine you could try out:

am Tri-Enzyme Wash, Lavender Toner, Bliss Caps, Absolute Eye Serum, Visible Brilliance, Pro Collagen.

pm Pro Radiance Cleanser, Tri-Enzyme Wash, Lavender Toner, Bliss Caps, Pro Collagen Eye Oxygenating Night Cream.

Weekly Papaya Enzyme Mask twice a week, once a week followed by Tri- Enzyme Gel Mask and the second time follow with Fruit Rejuvenating Mask.

Q. Since reaching my 50's I've noticed that my skin has changed a lot on my body and I don't tan like I used to without getting brown marks. I have sensitive skin and am prone to getting bitten during the summer and these marks then leaves small scars which I can't get rid of. I have also noticed that I sometimes get tiny white lumps/white spots on the base of my neck. Any suggestions you may have will be gratefully received. Paula.

A. I would definitely recommend that you start using the Tan Accelerator ASAP as a body lotion once a day. Also make sure that you are using a body scrub at least twice a week like Devil's Mint as this will really help.

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  1. cd August 4, 2010 at 11:21 am -  Reply

    most of these are already elemis users….

  2. Stephanie Crow August 4, 2010 at 11:45 am -  Reply

    Hi Keeley,
    Can you recommend a top to toe regime for me? I use a wide range of the elemis range and found the effects are brilliant, however I have just found out I’m pregnant and want to maintain a good regime but aware that some of the products are less appropriate.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  3. Jane Phee August 4, 2010 at 11:50 am -  Reply

    Have recently started using Elemis products and what a difference to my complection,have also converted my daughter but the area around my nose and cheeks is always red any ideas how I can get rid of this.

  4. Maureen August 4, 2010 at 12:30 pm -  Reply

    I have dark caribbean skin. i have a good cleasing routine, elemis of course. i have a persistant dry patch on the corner of my nose. I fit appeared about 3 years ago and Igot rid of it using some darcy laboratory products.Now it has reappered. I am 52 and followed your advice on anti aging and moisturising product and use the peals with no changge to this area. HELP!!!

  5. Nicola Shrouder August 4, 2010 at 1:54 pm -  Reply

    Hi Keeley please can you recomend a skincare routine for my dry dull hormonal skin, I am very interested in trying elemis but don’t know where to start. Am I too young to start using the marine day and night cream i’m 30.
    thanks for your help.

  6. Leslie-Ann Mills-Gomez August 4, 2010 at 2:33 pm -  Reply

    Hi Keeley I am a 35 year old Afro-Caribbean and I have been using Philosy another great brand on QVC for the past 2 years. i was experiencing a lot of break outs after the birth of my second child even though I never suffered with acne as a child .. that brand has helped with the breakouts and the general apperance of my sking and I have been using it religeously along with bits and pieces of other brands like Decleor and Elemis. My skin looks supple but still does not appear to be even in texture … it does not appear smooth. is there anything you could suggest to add in to my beauty regime, even though I’m afro-Carribean I also have Asian in me, we Caribbean people are quite mixed up with different races is that something I should look into when choosing skin care?

  7. Denise August 4, 2010 at 3:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi keeley,please help me get into a good skincare routine.i am 47 with combination skin, i get some breakouts , but also get dehydrated skin.i have dull looking skin and lines, i would love to beable to see an improvent in my skin and be happy. please help. many thanks denise x

  8. Vicky August 4, 2010 at 4:47 pm -  Reply

    Hi Keeley, I have only just discovered your shows (really love them) and Elemis and use Skin Buff religiously and think it’s fantastic. As for the rest of the range, I could really use some advice please. I have acne, whiteheads and enlarged pores and oily patches. I was prescribed anti-biotics and Retin A gel by my dermatologist to cope with “Adult Acne”. I use Dermalogica cleanser and moisturiser but am just not happy with the appaearance of my skin. Could Elemis help?

  9. emma August 4, 2010 at 7:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Keeley,
    I am 31 and struggling to know what to use for my skin! My skin can be sensitive and I still get some spots around my chin area. My skin always looks dull and a few hrs after applying makeup it has usually disappeared. What would you suggest I use to improve its condition? I need a full skincare routine please!! Thanks

  10. Gemma Penton August 4, 2010 at 9:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi keeley, I am 23 and have been using Elemis for approx 2 years. I use to suffer very badly from acne but just around the jaw line area and chin. Over the past couple of months I have been getting flare ups again around my chin and quite lumpy under the skin on my cheeks.
    I am currently using Pro collagen a.m and sensitive wash in the morning. Come evening Pro raidance, Lavender toner and SOS on and off through out the week.
    I also keep getting melias around my eye socked, what is the best method to reduce these or get rid of them.
    Many thanks

  11. Angela Kelly August 5, 2010 at 5:46 am -  Reply

    Hi Keely, my daughter is 4 months pregnant, can you advise on the best product for stretch marks?

  12. Cathy Harkin August 5, 2010 at 1:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Keeley
    I’ve been using Elemis for 10 years now. My routine is rosepetal cleanser, tri-enzyme wash, ginseng toner, visible brillance, PCMC and pro-collagen eye cream. I use papaya enzyme cream and an Elemis mask twice weekly.
    I’m almost 39 and my skin is in great condition and I have no wrinkles – except around my eyes. I have bags and crows feet and they are very ageing. I’m even considering botox I hate them so much! Is there anything Elemis-related that I can try first?
    Thanks Cathy xx

  13. Josephine Formosa August 5, 2010 at 2:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Keeley,
    Now I could be imagining this but did you once say on QVC that if you were going to a hot country and in the sun that you where to stop using your Elemis products, or am I going mad.
    We are off for two weeks holiday in Oct, and I didn’t want to spoil what I’ve achieved to my skin using Elemis (which is fantastic by the way). I use the face wash, serum & marine cream.
    If I’m to stop using it before I go when would be the best time to stop please.
    Many thanks
    Josie x

  14. Debbie Dellaway August 5, 2010 at 7:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Keeley.
    Im currnetly enjoying my elemis products and really love listening to your shows with your wealth of expertise there is no end to your knowledge. My question is i have dry skin normally and use the rosepetal cleanser, ginseng skin tonic and either pcmc or max moisture cr, also i use the eye absolute serum, but my question is that i work in a very air conditioned unit, i work in a oncology hosp preparing chemo products and everything is air conditioned to stop bacteria/germs entering the drugs, but im finding that my skin is so dehydrated when i get home and esp round my eyes ( i do have to wear a face mask)that i can see lines appearing.
    Can you suggest other products to use when i get home to rehydrate my skin, i will stil cleanse,tone and moisturise before bed.
    Thanks Debbie

  15. Patricia Sage August 7, 2010 at 11:48 pm -  Reply

    hello Keeley
    I recently converted to elemis and already have seen great results(Im aged 66)
    I voted for the marine cream and was sorry you didnt win.
    Just a thought;its excellent cream but even though I love it, I do struggle with the price point and that this may have contributed to elemis not getting the well desrved award.
    Pat sage

  16. maryam ghol August 11, 2010 at 8:45 pm -  Reply

    Helo Keeley, i am using some of the products from elemis. I am not sure how an exfoliator , a scrub and a skin buff differs and also a toner from a mist. can you tell me the difference and also how to use them correctly. iam 47 and do not have a skin to be proud off!
    Thank you very much

  17. Paula Scanlon August 21, 2011 at 11:46 am -  Reply

    Hi Keeley
    Can you help please. I am a bit confused which order I can use things.
    I use Ultrasun SPF 30 for the face, so which order do I use the Tri Enzyme range in, as I know I have to apply the Ultrasun first and leave for 15-20 mins to soak in.

  18. Betty September 26, 2013 at 2:33 pm -  Reply

    I tried the pro collagen lifting mask and I’m supposed to put it on for between 8-10 minutes.
    However my face will start to itch 5 mins into it. I would love to use this product as i believe it does work well.
    What would you recommend? Will i need to stop using it( i hope not)

  19. kirsty October 24, 2015 at 7:10 pm -  Reply

    Hello, after using a travel set for my holiday I really love the products and want to start a daily routine! where do I start?? I have normal skin but am prone to a breakout or two. Please help 🙂

  20. Paula jellicoe November 30, 2015 at 10:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi keeley this is my first time using elimis how long before I will notice a difference thank you xxx

  21. Chelsey March 23, 2016 at 9:54 pm -  Reply

    Hi keeley!

    I was just wondering. I recently bought the Elemis dynamic resurfacing gel mask… Are we able to wear this product overnight to bed and wash off in the morning?


  22. Nicola poxon July 26, 2016 at 9:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi keeley/Alison , I was hoping to get some advice! Iv been cleansing and moisturising with elemis for 4 years now and also love trying new elemis products! I have been quite ill for 14 weeks and my skin is so sensitive and lately come out in bumps under skin on my forehead I am on quite a bit of medication also but any advice would be appreciated thankyou .
    Elemis lover for life!!!

  23. Carol Jeffrey April 7, 2017 at 10:43 am -  Reply

    I have just started using Elemis I bought the TSV at the weekend. Love everything but the moisturiser makes my face really tingle to the point where it feels hot and keeps me awake. I have sensitive skin (I am 61) and have rosacea on my cheeks. My cheeks were a flaming red after using this moisturiser I have used it twice and think I should stop.

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