July gardening jobs, part 2


Lavender display Hi everyone,

Here are some more quick jobs to keep your summer garden looking fantastic…

Drying out lavender
If you want to dry lavender flowers, pick the stems of the fresh blooms just as they are opening. Tie them in bundles and hang upside down in a shaded spot in an airy kitchen or shed. To encourage fresh and bushy growth in English lavender, cut back hard once the plants have finished flowering.

Prolong the life of sweet peas
Your sweet peas won't go on flowering for much longer, so make the most of them. Keep picking the flowers and make sure the plants don't dry out or they'll finish blooming extra quickly.

Prune wisteriaWisteria display
If your wisteria won’t flower or is getting into a tangled mess, then you need to prune it. Cut back all the side shoots to about 15cm (6"). Pruning will tidy up the plant and encourage flower buds to develop next spring.

Trim hedges
It's a good time to cut any type of hedge, including yew and laurel. For regular, light trimming, the Garden Groom makes the job easier as it collects and shreds the clippings at the same time as cutting the hedge.

Prepare your veg
Harvest any remaining early potatoes, earth up around the base of sweet corn to make them more stable, and pick courgettes when they're only 8cm – 10cm (3" – 4") long or they'll grow into marrows. Sow radish, spinach and oriental veg for early autumn crops.

Tomatoes Top up tomatoes
Pinch out the tips of outdoor tomatoes once the fourth truss has started to produce tiny fruits. This will help the crop to develop and ripen before the cooler weather in the autumn. Greenhouse toms don’t need to be pinched out until mid-August. 
Camellia care
Keep your camellia plant well watered over the next 6 weeks. If they get too dry, the flower buds will fall off next spring just before they open. For an extra boost, give the plant a feed with a fertilizer.

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  1. Maxine May 30, 2014 at 1:06 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Richard I bought some mont rose lavender plug plants they are very very dry, can you recommend anything to help them come back, I am currently just using flower power.

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