John Barrowman shows me his QVC talent!


Jill and John on set Here, as promised, is the second part of my John Barrowman blog.

Thank you for all your emails and letters on a great show that everyone is still talking about. It created such a buzz and it was a real pleasure to work with such a pro and an incredible talent! I'm still laughing at his quotes on my kitchen antics on QGossip and his Lock & Lock snack at 45,000 feet!

When we entered the studio before the show, he was showing me his Northern Nights technique and even coming out with the QVC lingo! He had it so sussed down to our every word. I just had to get some pictures to show you all. He loves them too and can't wait to come back with his CD. Oh, and watch this space too!

Northern Nights is one of his favourite purchases as he travels so much and needs that luxury and comfort whether he is home or away. Here John demonstrates how to tell if a pillow is in great need of replacing.

John tests a Northern Nights pillow "It's plumped and fluffed and sits up on its own and you fluff it from the corners to see if stands on its own" were his QVC words to perfection. I was laughing so much as he is such a natural and did the sell in one take with such passion. Then straight to showing the colours of the Northern Nights set we were due to be selling on air! I loved his body language showing the array of colours. It was too funny!

John Barrowman demonstrates the range of colours available He was so excited to be in the studio and to be a part of the QVC family, and this really came across with his passion for home shopping and all his QVC purchases. We agreed that we could never go shopping together as it would be a fatal attraction to the bag dept.

What a great presenter he would be, don't you agree?


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