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Hello hello, thanks for stopping by to read my blog today.

It’s only been two weeks since my last blog but I’ve squeezed a lot in. I am definitely one of those people who needs a 30 hour a day, eight day week! So what have I been doing?

Well as the last of the moving boxes came out of storage I started to realise I wasn’t as fit as I would like to be, so I decided to get fit again! I’ll come back to how I got on with that and how successful my search for my running shoes was…

One of the things I love about moving to a new house is nesting! If I was an animal I think I’d be a squirrel. I love putting together a new look in a room and being creative; I think I get this from my mum. Elliot and I love the 1950s style (we even tried swing dance classes once upon a time), and the cosy country homely look, but not together, that would be a bit of an eyeful! Good lighting is such a mood changer too. I went a bit candle crazy recently and stocked up on lots of the gorgeous Yankee Candles. My favourites are Sea Salt & Sage and the Crackling Wood Fire. In fact if you love scented candles too, then The Perfect Christmas 21-piece Discovery Box is ideal. I put this little collection together as I love the look of antique metal and glass plus the large glass vase is a great place to burn candles. My brother Brodie made the decanter (he’s a glass blower in Scotland) as a Christmas present for Elliot a few years ago. It’s really beautiful and he added gold leaf for a special sparkle.


By the way if you are also interested in great decorations and homeware, then check out Alison Cork and Kelly Hoppen. They both have gorgeous designs – I just wish I could fill my house with all their homeware. As a treat to the new home I bought an amazing and huge throw by Kelly Hoppen which you might spot in one of my photos in this blog…

I mentioned before about wanting to get fit. My plan was to go for a run. So, I set out with all good intentions to put on my Skechers running shoes and pull on my jogging bottoms and I definitely managed the latter. But the running shoes were nowhere to be found! I hunted high and low and rummaged in boxes and built up quite a sweat just doing that but alas they were not to be found.

This is what they look like below. I took this pic in the summer to put on Instagram and I think that was the last time I went for a proper run too!


So I thought what’s the best thing to do right now?

1: Continue looking through more boxes despite the fact they have ‘books’ clearly written on the side of the box.

2: Go outside anyway for a brisk walk even though it was starting to get dark.


3: Do this.

Well sometimes you’ve got to put your feet up and snuggle down in a big warm blanket (this is the Kelly Hoppen treat to our new home) and have a chocolate biscuit or three! I’ll find those shoes though and keep you posted in my next blog on how I got on with that run.

The coatigan (it is a real word, well kind of) is from MarlaWynne‘s new collection. It’s perfect for wrapping up stylishly and I’ve fallen in love with her new pieces. Actually I love all her clothing.

One last note to share are this weeks Big Deals.

Skechers trainers

If you love something you see – go for it, that’s my motto. Which is what I may be doing with this week’s Skechers offer.


I use this Eyeko mascara already and love the big eyelash look it gives. The brow gel is also great for keeping your eyebrows in good shape all day. I don’t even have to think about re-applying after I’ve done it in the morning.


The KitchenAid Artisan hand mixer and rolling pin is a fantastic deal for any home.

Have fun with treating yourself to something new and let me know what you have chosen.

See you all soon.

Eilidh xx

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  1. Josephine Jennings November 28, 2017 at 11:03 am -  Reply

    Eilidh you sure do look cosy, my idea of a run on a cold day .

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