Joan Rivers in the building! Size matters? And life in 3D…


Debbie on air with Joan Rivers Fashion was on everyone's lips this week, with an important visit from the first lady of US fashion, Joan Rivers herself!

It's nearly 17 years since her Classics Collection launched here on QVC UK – do you remember some of the early jewellery pieces and collectables? If so, what do you recall? Well I have a question for you on behalf of Joan.

Also in this post
– That fake tan story – what's the most unusual way of applying it to the parts you can't reach?!
– Does size really matter? Well, 'sizing' anyway!
– And what do you think your reaction would be to seeing the 3D pics for the first time?

Can we talk?
It was a great pleasure to spend some time in the company of one of our most entertaining and high profile guests, Joan Rivers this week – she was here for a Today's Special Value – two pairs of reading glasses, one of which are also sunglasses. Very 'Mad Men' in styling – I know I often say that, but I love that programme!

We had great fun talking about what she was going to get up to when she returns this summer to London – but I have a question – is there anything else she should make sure she takes her lovely little grandson Cooper to see, in July? Apart from what we mention on this video? Let me know if you have any recommendations.


Joan's also going to be bringing us a new fashion range in a month or so, so do look out for it. It's only fitting that she now brings us a clothing line, considering the success of her 'Fashion Police' show – both in the USA and here on E! channel.

Have you seen it? Joan often tweets about it – some of them are so funny – and some are as you'd expect, a bit risque! Her Twitter name is @Joan_Rivers. Hope she going to be bringing back more of those scarves – it sold out pretty sharpish in the midnight hour. And I bet the fabrics will be lovely – I think she's back in a month or so.

Size-ing, does matter…?!
QVC model Sharon wearing the Joan Rivers scarf Talking of fashion, and fitting, as I kind of was… I had a nice comment from a lovely lady called Eileen here on my blog (main biog section) saying how in fashion hours, she prefers to hear us talking about sizing in terms of, eg, 14/16, as opposed to ‘S, M, L’ etc. And inches instead of centimetres!

I must admit I know a bit more about metric than I would have done had I not worked on QVC over the years. But my head's still firmly fixed in inches. Is yours? (Only clean comments please! Hehe). It's good we're bringing you what you need anyway.

And I must admit, I haven't seen much on the high street to rival our dress selection – I nearly always wear QVC clothing nowadays it's that good! Hope to get my hands on some of Joan's!

Faking it the Eezi way
Eezi Reach Exfoliating & Skin Conditioning System For all you ladies out there living alone, without a handy partner/child/odd job man on hand to help, just how difficult is it to apply your own fake tan? Or sun lotion? Nightmare eh?

Well on a Feel Good hour this week, I began a story I never finished. We were showing those fab Eezi body tools which help you to apply creams to parts other tools can't reach – well what a great answer for anyone like me who can reach almost up my back with one arm on one side, but for some reason, not with the other arm – (no, no idea, don't ask!) – so there's always a little gap.

These special applicators are great for fake tan of course, but also for putting on suncream when you haven't got anyone else around to help you get in between your shoulder blades. But without one of those, what do you do?

No seriously, what do you do? What's the weirdest innovation or trick you've ever attempted to solve the issue?

Well the other night, I started to talk about mine, but the product sold so fast I didn't get round to finishing the story off! It began – 'it's such a problem to make sure I get completely covered, I have even been known to…' – and if you were watching that night, did you take a wild guess as what the rest of that sentence would have been? It's actually this –
'… put sun cream on the door frame and rub my back up and down it!'

OK I own up, it's weird. But then again, I have got the youngest, palest doorframe on the block! Haha. (And no, that's not a euphemism!) Let me know your solutions to difficult situations when you've only got yourself to rely on!

3D on TV
And finally – you've got to see my nieces' reactions to seeing 3D images for the first time. We're bringing you our first ever 3D computer this weekend (Saturday night launch and through the day Sunday 17th  – hope it hasn't sold out by my show at 6pm!) So as I mentioned, I've been playing around with one of our recent 3D cameras in order to get some pics to demo with.


Becky was really surprised, as was Lara – fascinated no less! Made me feel like a proud auntie for introducing them to something so new – well it's either proud or like a saddo for banging on about QVC stuff all the time! But I can't help it!

God forbid you ever meet me in a queue somewhere and start me off! Lol! (BTW, 'LOL' means Laugh Out Loud for Michelle Roberts in Wales and anyone else who didn't realise! Oh and BTW is By the Way – apparently. I only found out myself recently so don't worry if you didn't know either. I'm sure there are lots more to learn too. 🙂 )

It's really quite impressive what products QVC brings to market sometimes. Over the years we've had the first of so many things – in fact, in the early days when I was here first time around, I remember not only the first panoramic pics, and digital cameras – Ricoh – remember them? But also the early 3D images – where you needed a special viewer to see them, and describing them to people at home was a job and a half for sure as the camera had absolutely nothing to show. Remember them?

Anyway, as you probably know I'm on hi-tech shows a lot, and I love doing them, even if I do ask a lot of basic, non-techy questions – oh the value of a great guest! Well, when I first saw 3D myself, on a Samsung TV last year, I was really impressed. Hence buying a TV just before Christmas to watch Avatar on at home with my kids.

Patchy posing in the field! Now if you haven't seen 3D before, but you're curious, see how stunned it left my nieces, and check out that clip above. And if you'd like to see some of the pics I took – like the one here of Patchy posing(!) then do join me – should be an interesting show. We'll do our best to describe it all to you. And if you've got a story about experiencing 3D, do share!

Well time to go again – I've got the middle of the night munchies – and the toaster's just popped up and scared the dog. Then it's time for me to go to bed before my marathon stint on air! Have a fab weekend and see you next week.



  1. Louise April 18, 2011 at 7:13 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Just had to say, I really admire Joan Rivers. She hasn’t had an easy life, what with her husband’s suicide and the impact the ensuing, wrongly felt guilt had upon her. I can recall when she was still a struggling, comparitively, comedian and she did any work she could get to make ends meet, and to progress her career. I found her hilarious. Unfortunately, we don’t see her stand up routine any more. Plastic surgery, well that’s another story. Does she deny it? No, and why should she? I don’t think she needed it but, hey ho, she did and could afford it, so why not? I’m not saying she’s ready for a wheelchair, but we all get older, and for her to still be working as hard as ever, is only to be admired. Also, working with her daughter at red carpet events must be wonderful. I’d love to work with my mum. I’ve got to admit, I don’t buy her jewellery, not because I don’t like it, but I don’t wear fashion jewellery. Now if she designed a pure gold or even silver range… any chance, do you think? How about a fashion line from the great lady? Keep on coming back to QVC, Joan, if just for the comedic factor and the laughs you provide.
    Speak soon and take care.

  2. Michelle Roberts April 18, 2011 at 3:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Joan Rivers is one person i would really like to meet, i like someone who speaks their mind, must be because i was born up north,’LOL'( Thank you for sorting me out with this!)
    I like the comments Louise left above me i totally agree with her. I have bought a few bits of Joan’s jewellery, my favourite being a big watch in bright pink which i’ve had for years and still use to this day when i go on holiday because it’s so easy to change time on it and it has a big face so i can read it!!
    Gosh Debbie their is so much to comment on your great blog i would need all day to answer some of questions’LOL’
    I like the sound of the 3D, i like proper dress sizes like 14/16 my size and everything in inches please (I’m laughing trying to keep things clean here)
    Hope all the pogs are ok and your not too tired after all them late shifts.
    Take care
    Michelle(You’ve guessed it North Wales ‘LOL’)

  3. debs flint April 18, 2011 at 10:22 pm -  Reply

    Louise – there’s a fashion range coming soon – you must be psychic! Also did you ever read her book? It was very heart-warming. She’s truly a great lady…
    best wishes

  4. Nigel April 18, 2011 at 11:27 pm -  Reply

    Debs, I’d be scared too if the toaster jumped up at me !
    Anyway , talking of hi-tech, what I find missing on TV is an educational weekly program dedicated to computers, how to utilise them,software available,latest hardware,info on new websites,social network news etc. Perhaps you and LJ could join forces and present one on some channel(from a coffee shop of course !).
    How’s the Hydrotherapy going ? Have you joined Gracie in the pool yet ? Houdini escaped from a roped and nailed packing crate underwater in 1912 so perhaps shes in training for her next trick !
    Take care, Nige

  5. Linda Glasgow April 19, 2011 at 7:54 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    I really love watching Joan – shes so funny and isn’t scared to voice her opinion. I’ve got many of Joans bee brooches from the very early days – loved the sentiment attached to them(they were never meant to fly but achieved it(something like that))- and i’ve a couple of egg(faux Faberge) pendants and a necklace with a little mirror attached(Victorian,but cant remember what they’r called,can you help?).I’ve also got two sets of interchangeable earrings(early TSV’s) and an interchangeable Omega necklace set(another TSV) – Joans fashion jewellery is great value and quality. I loved the 3D items on Sunday – i could swear that the little flying guys in the movie(Nick was demoing a HD/3D telly) were coming out at me,i was watching on an Plasma HD,so it must be great to watch on actual 3D equipment. Your wee neices reaction was priceless. I’m waiting for more 3D channels before i can justify swapping my plasma(HD) for a 3D ready one – but Sunday’s demos have made me envious.I must agree QVC fashion is great at the moment – i love the Ronni Nicole range and i’ve got my eye on a couple of Attitude by Renee pieces – 152548 Asymetric jumper comes in orange and sage green and also her cosy cardi 152566, i want all the colours but particulary the orange and sage green(to match the jumpers) – the website gives a centre back measurement – i think you mentioned you had one of the cardis,if so, what size would you advise for a 14/16?. Coming onto measurements – i’m an inches gal(in fashion of course!!)myself but think its important that the measurements are given first thing in the presentation so as we can get buying. Lovely speaking to you again Debs,by the way,your looking great at the mo,your hair,skin and makeup is great and you have a lovely dress sense(suits you missus)and a shapely figure to envy(i do!!).A big hug for the poochesXX and much love to youXX Love Linda Glasgow

  6. debs flint May 13, 2011 at 2:33 am -  Reply

    Michelle – ta once more! you’re definitely one of my ‘regular’s eh! : – )

  7. debs flint May 13, 2011 at 2:36 am -  Reply

    Nige – that show sounds like a great idea – count me and LJ in if anyone wants to produce one!
    Yes hydrotherapy going well so far – if I ever make it into the pool with them I’ll post it – it’d be a good TiFFT! (Talking of which, I haven’t spotted one from you yet?… : – )
    Houd-Daisy hasn’t escaped for some time now so she’s obviously ‘pavlov’d’ herself out of it again over the past month!
    thanks goodness!

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