Joan Rivers celebrates 15 years on QVC UK


Joan Rivers It's hard to believe that Joan Rivers has been bringing her fabulous Classics Collection to QVC for 15 years!

She'll be here to present some very special anniversary shows, but we managed to catch up with her before to find out about her time here on QVC, her jewellery range and more…

What was your first appearance on QVC like?

I was so scared! I was hoping that everyone watching would love the jewellery, but you just never know. I was so lucky, it was an immediate success and is still going strong today. I can tell you – I ate a LOT of candy before my first show!

Do you have a funniest moment on air?

Not one special one, because I always have such a lot of fun when I come here. I really enjoy working with Dale as he's lovely and SO easy to tease! And I love our model Sharon too, a real delight to see and work with every time I come to the UK.

What are the differences between your UK and US jewellery fans?

I'd say the main difference is that my UK ladies like colour, they're so much more daring with their choices. In the USA I might design a pin in neutral tones, but when I bring it to QVC UK I bring it in lovely pinks, oranges, purples, pale blues… I just love my UK ladies for their bravery and willingness to experiment and I'm always impressed with the style of the women I see out on London's streets.

Who is the one person you'd love to see wearing your jewellery?

The Duchess of Cornwall. She wears such beautifully simple clothes that are crying out for a really fabulous brooch or necklace. I think she already wears amazing jewellery, but I'd like to see her in some of mine!

How has shopping TV changed over the years?

People are so much more comfortable shopping from a TV channel these days. And because I have a loyal fan base, I don't have to always say the same things each visit, as my viewers know about the thickness of the plating, or the techniques of enamelling. And there's more trust there too.
The excitement for me now is that people also choose to shop on the internet. It's a whole new market for me and a way to reach a new and different audience.

How has your jewellery collection evolved over the past 15 years?

I really love the way jewellery's going, it's finally got it right. Today women instinctively know to keep their clothes simple and chic and to let their jewellery do the talking. Statement pieces are another way to show off your personality, and I adore that.
But in some ways, I'm still as nervous as when I started out. I still worry over every clasp, every colour choice, every design. It has my name on it, it's a part of me, so it has to be perfect.

And finally, what's next for Joan Rivers?

I have a documentary called 'Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work' which has already been a big success in the States, and I'm very excited to be bringing it to the UK in November. Then I'll be releasing it in Australia in the new year.
I'll also be presenting for the E! Channel from the BAFTAs in London. So I have an exciting time lined up – you know it's going to be a good year when you already know all of the pilots names at Heathrow!

See Joan's gorgeous jewellery collection online

Tune in for the Joan Rivers Classics Collection 15th Anniversary shows at 8pm & 11pm on Tuesday 7th September, and 2pm – 4pm on Wednesday 8th September.


  1. Sharon Gasparutti September 6, 2010 at 12:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi there, looking forward to the new shows with Joan Rivers and I have a few of the pieces and I just may have to add to the collection, and I also like Sharon the model but I wish I was her height as certain clothes I find tricky to collect and wear.

  2. Irene Moxon September 6, 2010 at 10:10 pm -  Reply

    I like lots of Joans things that she brings to QVC, she always makes me smile, I have tried to e-mail her once about a watch I got of hers and the strap came off, it was a blue denim on, and not able to get it repaired but unable to get through to her not sure why. Looking forward to her programs.

  3. Freda McNeill January 24, 2013 at 9:55 pm -  Reply

    Joan always puts on a good show….real entertainment. She is not afraid to laugh at herself and I should think many people identify with her. I hope she is not thinking of retiring at all. Far too young and glamorous to go yet. Looking forward to your next visit Joan.

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