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March 11, 2009

Silver Diva!

Silver Day at QVC, which is coming up on Sunday 15th March, is one of my favourite events and it's always so exciting to hear from all you silver fans out there too. I adore silver, white gold and platinum. I was lucky enough to get the first pick of my Silver Day favourites from next Sunday's big event. 
Here's a naughty sneaky preview for you of the silver designs I chose from our Silver Day collection.  
693530Textured Wide Eternity Bangle Sterling Silver (left) is a fabulous wide silver hammered bangle, which is so interesting in style and really hot off the press in terms of design. A real designer studio piece. I love texture on silver as it creates a very individual look. Trust me, you will be asked about this one! Love it, love it, love it!


693494Electroform Rose Shaped Statement Ring Sterling Silver (right) - I adore roses and, as you know, big rings. This is a feminine, romantic, wonderfully fashionable piece. I wore it recently with a black dress and red shoes along with a big silver necklace, and I received so many comments. It looks so expensive and handcrafted. I just fell in love with it straight away. I know you will too.

693373Epiphany Tassel Drop Earrings Sterling Silver (left) - I don't normally wear drop earrings but these Epiphany tassel drop earrings caught my eye. They are so flirty and just to die for. I went to lunch with my girl friend and wore my jeans with high boots, a silver discreet chain belt and these cheeky earrings. I suddenly realized I had been designing my outfit to fit around these earrings. Love the look of platinum for such a crazy hazy price!

So those are my picks for Silver Day, hope you like them too. See you on Sunday 15th March. Have a fab day with us and I will see you at 5pm for Epiphany Platinum Clad and I hope you will join Daniel and I for our first 2 hour show together from 6pm until 8pm for more gorgeous silver.


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Dear Jill

I've been watching the Birkenstock hour and love the teal coloured toe polish you are wearing - I know you're a nail polish girl like me and wondered whether you could tell me what colour you are wearing?



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Hi Nicola
Great to hear from you.
Its nails inc...Hanover st is the colour...Just fab isnt it.
Enjoy your Birkenstocks!!

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Thank you - I'll go search it out!

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