Winter warmer tips from the Ice Queen


Scruncher in a T-shirtHi everyone,

I hope you had a truly scrumptious Christmas and sparkly New Year.

Well, the snow has arrived and we are certainly feeling the crispy whisper of Jack Frost. Every year I count the days until Spring.

My friends call me the Ice Queen as I really hate the cold and will do everything I can to be as warm as toast.

They laugh at me when we go out as I have so many layers on and all my warm accessories. But, you’ve guessed it, I’m the only one who isn’t moaning from the cold!

Here are a few winter warmer tips for if you’re like me and really feel the cold. Oatmeal porridge every morning topped with bananas helps to keep that morning chill at bay.

I wear Michele Hope camisoles under every top for that extra layer. Also, a brisk walk or jog every morning really gets the blood pumping around the body.

I can’t go out without my hat and scarf to keep the head, neck and chest warm, and I love my leather gloves but they have to be lined with cashmere to keep my hands warm.

Opaque tights under trousers are my life-saver as they are so smooth with no seams. My Centigrade winter coat has been worn to death but it still looks fabulous. My knee-high snow bumper boots are like little heaters for my feet on those early morning shifts. I hear you laughing at lengths I go to to keep warm…

I eat a lot more carbs in the winter and love making winter soups with lots of veg, meat, potatoes or rice. Simply delicious.

I love my hot water bottle at night to pre-warm the bed and a cup of hot semi-skimmed milk with a teaspoon of honey before I snuggle into my Northern Nights feather bed and duvet.

I’m not the only one in the Franks household who feels the cold. One morning last week after a very cold night I found Scruncher wearing my Butler & Wilson Bulldog T-shirt. I think he must have snuck into my designer drawer overnight after feeling the chill. I guess I will have to buy another one as this one has found a new owner.

Any more tips on keeping warm would be appreciated as it’s a long time until that warm sun shine!

My husband walks around in a T-shirt all year! I feel cold just looking at him…brrr!

Keep healthy, happy and above all warm!!




  1. Lyn Beverley January 27, 2009 at 11:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill – Scruncher looks great in the t-shirt – my mother-in -law has a bulldog called Molly and she is a scream too!

  2. Jill Franks February 5, 2009 at 12:54 pm -  Reply

    Love to Molly the bulldog.. would love a picture Lyn..they are funny aren’t they..I was doing a Pilates workout yesterday and Scruncher decided he wanted to join in and kept climbing on the machine behind me and resting his head on my funny. Then I was doing an exercise called arm circles and couldnt work out why the right cord kept stopping, I looked to my side and Scruncher kept trying to catch it in his mouth..His best friend is a Molly
    Love and big hug to those gorgeous wrinkles ( Molly`s by the way)

  3. karen March 16, 2009 at 10:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi jill. i also have a bulldog his name is montie he is a right caracture. with a few issues like he hates plastic bags won’t step over the hoover lead plus the cover on the bbq does your dog have issues with anything, bye karen

  4. CAROLINE March 17, 2011 at 9:33 pm -  Reply


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