I’ve got a ‘thing!’ And …Auntie of the Groom!


What a lovely wedding! Smashing venue, super day and the rain held off – what a super couple my nephew David and his new bride Kristina make, don’t they? And having some fun ‘photo booth’ pics taken with my lovely sis Linda. I loved being amongst family reuniting for another catch up. I’m the eldest of 5 kids don’t forget, and there are 16 cousins, so that’s a lot of catching up!

So that’s three down and 13 to go, wonder who will get married next? There are only four boys though – interesting how there are so many girls and sadly David is the only one of 16 to be officially carrying the Flint name down the generations, being a boy of a boy. Shame as you’d think out of all the odds it would have been at least two. Brother Derek had five children – all girls! And of course my son’s got his dad’s name. Nevertheless it was a smashing bash. Who knows, maybe there’ll be wedding bells for my daughter before too long – but don’t tell her BF Nick that I said that! Hehe! Here are me and my ‘clan’ – all looking splendid!

I’ve got a rare ‘thing’!

OK so this week I had some BIIIIGGG news. First in July I had a recurrence of my swollen skin problem which happens when my photosensitive skin gets overexposed in the sun. Then I was reading up on Gut Bacteria and it occurred to me there might be a link so I managed to finally go ask the doctor about a referral go to a specialist.

And on Tuesday this week, I found out my ‘sun allergy’ – my lifelong ‘Debbie can’t stay in the sun’ problem which has been with me since I was a toddler, is an actual bona fide ‘thing’. I tell more about it on my newsletter, but do click-through and see what it’s called – a ‘rare genetic mutation’ – well who knew!!! Click here to read more. (By the way, if you sign up for my newsletters, you’ll be amongst the first to know my updates!)

Big New Jewellery Brand Chamelia 6pm Saturday 25th
So I was asked to have a look at some of the new brands, this being Jewellery Month, and this one caught my eye – Chamelia is a New York based interchangeable charms range, which looks super! Watch this little sneaky peek Will filmed for me –


I particularly like the little doggy charm set, which of course you can screw on and off so they don’t get lost, and which work with other such jewellery brands too, I’m told.

Devon Walks Was back to Devon for a flying visit last weekend to sort out some ‘business’ (more news later in the year when it’s confirmed!) And loved doing nearly 6,000 steps with every long country walk – bracing and just what my Fitbit needed!


Devon Teas Saw my lovely friend Alix, OBVS, and had a super lunch in a place called Bovey Tracey in the gallery there. Very nice soup and a look round some pretty ceramics. It’s an old Devon town – gotta love the history in that part of the country, right?


Devon Kitchen Retreats for You have to be one of my fave places – maybe it’s something to do with the lay lines in Sheepwash, but whenever I go back there – or even look at pics of the place – it relaxes me. I have to do some serious thinking about how I can spend more time there!


Being At The Bingham – belated dinner at a fab riverside restaurant in Richmond for Lolly’s birthday – nouvelle cuisine and old-fashioned family warmth. Very enjoyable night.


Julie’s Tips Julie Cohen is my writing mentor and gave me some superb tips this week about my own book ‘French or Dutch’ which I’m going to be finishing this year. Her latest book, called Falling here in the UK, is called ‘The Day of Second Chances’ over in the US. This week I got the audiobook of it, to read next! Can’t wait! In the meantime, I’m listening to Book of the Week, ‘The Ballroom Class’ by one of my other fave authors, Lucy Dillon, capturing that Strictly type excitement amongst a parochial motley crew – fab characters – more here on my RiWiSi review!


Studio Redecorating So if you wondered why we’ve been in our little studio this week, it’s ‘cos we’re having a revamp – here’s a half way pic of our main Studio A – more soon! It’s going to be very different. Watch this space.



Good Luck Sara – how sad to see another presenter moving on, but read Sara Griffith’s message here on her blog – good luck missus!

Sara Griffiths

Blooper – a funny backstage moment with Charlie  – have you ever wondered why his ‘#jumper over shirt’ look has smooth arms, but has wrinkles below the trunk section? He’s a riot!



Watch – Bridget Jones’s Baby! I watched it!! Did you? Loved how they handled the eternal challenge of Miss Jones, and her paramour Mark Darcy, including a new love interest in the baby triangle in the form of Gray’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey. Loved the contemporary references including ‘Let’s nutribullet the hell out of it’ and such like – plus the return of some of the key characters along with their new lives and problems and interaction with Bridget. If you adored the original two, go see it. If you don’t want to witness the march of time, don’t see it. I for one, will be seeing it again!


This week –

– Saturday Today’s Special Value –  Mr Christmas indoor/outdoor musical cartoon laser show – should be fun!


– Plus don’t forget the new 6pm Jewellery range Chamelia – see above.

– Sunday’s #TSV – Gatineau age benefit set – amaaazing value!


– Monday – We have an Ecoegg autumn cleaning bumper bundle TSV, including with me at 10pm, if stocks last!



– Tuesday – 12 pc delights of L’Occitane collection, great for gifts!


– Centigrade have a new reversible faux fur coat launching with me on Tuesday night at midnight with lovely Glenn Campbell – do join us! ps it’s under £60 ish, so don’t miss it! 160770


– Sneaky peek – On Saturday 1st October, Molton  Brown will be bringing us their five-piece indulgent collection, under £40, we don’t have a huge amount, it’s not expected to last much through the afternoon – get it whilst you can!  – check into on my blog for an update on when it goes on sale in case there’s an early bird chance to buy it. Same with the Mally Bounce Back to You makeup collection, which is launching next Friday.


Next Week – meeting friends with babies…

Have a great week.






PPS – HERE’S another fab post from my Till the Fat Lady Slims book plus support group online –


Penni R on TTFLS group – ‘NSV from a size 16 to size 12 woo hoo, only thing is I don’t have any bra to fit me anymore lol, thanks Debbie Flint your book was my God send xx ps Drinking water before I eat is a big help, lots of the time I don’t need to eat after a big drink. Not having 3 set meals a day, just listening to my own body clock and not always finishing what’s on the plate, haha I use to be terrible for that. All my old-fashioned habits are out the window Debbie it’s great and easy now hugs xxx”


Fabulous news isn’t it, from yet more ladies finding the support from TTFLS and Freedom Eating is really helping on their weight loss journey. I say to anyone who wants to give it a try, to read ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet’ book first, which is like the one which sold out in signed hardback on QVC last year. Plus book 3.0 with more tips and tales to inspire. The whole picture and links are here on my webpage.


KEEP IN TOUCH – come join Facebook groups and Twitter, links here;  follow my official QVC Facebook page here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter here.


MY STEAMY NOVELS AND PUBLISHING DEAL, WHSMITH TRAVEL AND WEIGHT LOSS BOOKS – just go to my website for all the info on my writer page – it’s here.


Books pic 

Books pic


  1. martin forbes September 23, 2016 at 2:58 pm -  Reply

    how are you debbie iam well enjoyed the video of charlie hope your daughter and son are well also

  2. Angela Mountain September 23, 2016 at 6:54 pm -  Reply

    Debbie, you’ve made my day! I’m on holiday in sunny Lisbon and always catch up with the QVC presenters’ blogs, one of which is always yours! I’m so pleased you enjoyed your visit to Bovey Tracey cos that’s where I grew up and have moved back there with my other half nearly nine years ago. I know you love your visits to Devon and I look forward to reading the little bit of business you were attending to.

    Your blogs are always interesting so keep up the good work!

  3. Liz C September 25, 2016 at 9:11 pm -  Reply

    HiI Debbie, Another great blog from you full of family photos and lots of cheery stories. I was wondering if your friend Goody was alright asd I haven’t seen her fora long time.

  4. debs f September 26, 2016 at 5:39 pm -  Reply

    Liz –
    Thanks for asking about Goody – yes she’s ok, recovering from her brokern shoulder but chirpy as usual. Will tell her to look on here at your comment! Anyone else wants to leave her a message pls do, comment below.
    Glad you like the blogs hon!
    hugs to you, you kind person, you!

  5. debs f September 26, 2016 at 5:45 pm -  Reply

    Angela – if I go back down there again I can give you a shout if you tell me your twitter or if you email me your contact info on –

    Nice place – loved the craft / cafe near the bridge! xx

  6. debs f September 26, 2016 at 5:45 pm -  Reply

    Martin –
    yes all good thanks – glad you are well too! d 🙂

  7. Mandy September 28, 2016 at 2:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, what lovely photos! I don’t know what you are dong but every time I see you, you are looking younger! I’m recovering at the moment after my chemo ended end of May(hooray) so am trying to gradually get my strength & appearance back so any youthful tips are very welcome lol.
    I really enjoyed your show with lovely Glen last night showing the Centigrade show. I do have 2 Centigrade coats & I do call one of them my “Glen coat”; absolutely love them as they’re not restrictive & wash so well.
    Talking about restrictive, how does Charlie’s mind work??! I’d love to know what he does with the spare shirt arms lol. One of the young lads at work was once getting really hot in the office so I told him to take his jumper off but he said he couldn’t. He said he only used to iron the collar & cuffs of his shirt if he was wearing a jumper over the top so the poor lad nearly melted! They do say men are from a different planet…..lol. How funny has Dale been this week, he’s been “Blooper-Fantastic” Did you see his bra & knickers on my face blooper the other day during Beauty Pick of the Month? & today with Glen wearing witches hats & imaginary “broomsticks”? Priceless!
    By the way, it’s nice to hear someone else having soup when they go out, I’m trying to lose weight after being out of action for 6 months & always think it’s a healthier option but always feel like a pensioner when I order it lol (I’m not being rude, my Mum always has it so I feel like I’m turning into her)
    Looking forward to reading your next blog & watching your shows
    Love from Mandy xx

  8. Jan L September 29, 2016 at 9:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    I always go straight to your blog on a Friday and love the sneaky peeks of the TSVs to come. Could I also please send my best wishes to Goody? I didn’t realise she had hurt her shoulder and hope she makes a speedy recovery. She is so glamorous and stylish and is a great role model for us over 50s!

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