I’ve got a bright idea!


As you may know, if you followed some of my previous blogs, we’ve got chickens. They've been quite a part of the family with the kids loving their entertaining behaviour and the fresh organic, free range eggs!

However, as we approach winter there's a problem looming. Chickens ‘go off the lay’ when the daylight drops off and we have the prospect of few, if any eggs for four or five months.

“Just bung a light in their coop!” I hear you cry, but I can’t as there's no electricity and it’s about a hundred meters from the house.

I've devised a plan to have a solar panel installed. I feel so sly, you could pin a tail on me and call me a fox! This would charge a battery and power a couple of LED bulbs which would go on and off by means of a timer and a light sensitive switch. Easy peasy!

Well maybe, but I just need to do a degree in electrical engineering to find out how to do it. I’m working on it and will report back when my son and I have put on our boffin gear and completed the project!

Love, Simon x

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