I’ve got a 2 BBP (British Boy Power) lawn mower


Simon's son Marcus and Kathy's son Billy Kathy, her husband and youngest popped up to our house at the weekend for a BBQ. I’m afraid I have to confess that I made a bit of a booboo! 

When I texted to invite her, I said it was short notice but as the weather was due to be fine, would they like to come. I forgot to say 'tomorrow' and when she texted me back to say yes, we were casually going to go to Tescos and sort things out later that day. 

When she texted me an hour later to say she was a bit late but would see us in half an hour, it was a little panicky in Biagi Towers! However, we had a great time, even though it was just burgers and bangers and the two boys got on great, despite a 7-year age gap. 

With all the boys around, my two-year-old daughter was in full flirt all day… very sweet!

By the way Billy the grass needs cutting again!

Simon X

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