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Slim-Be 30 Day 90 Strawberry Weight Management Drink SachetI started using ‘Slim-Be’ on the 1st January and within the first month I lost half a stone with very little effort. Since then, I have lost another half a stone and my aim is to lose another ¾ to a stone over the summer.

Many may ask why ‘Slim-Be’ has worked for me when other diets and regimes didn’t. Firstly, the genius of this product is that it is not about taking away food which in previous diets just made me crave more.


But by simply adding these three small shakes a day before meals, they actually fill me up, stop me from craving sweet things and have made me perfectly satisfied with smaller portions as I feel full quicker.

I have developed some Slim-Be recipes. When I have no time, I will quickly make a Slim-Be in an espresso cup with warm water and drink it like a strawberry shot. I am permanently useless at eating breakfast and ‘Slim-Be’ has taught me to have a quick, but important breakfast and that has made a difference too. I mix my ‘Slim-Be’ and then with a baby liquidiser I will make a shake of banana, strawberries, porridge oats and milk – together with my ‘Slim-Be’ that is my breakfast shake and it's quick and easy and sets me up for the day.

Other things that have worked perfectly with my ‘Slim-Be’ to give me a fuller feeling with meal replacements, because I am a very irregular meal eater, is, it is exactly the same flavour as Strawberry Slimfast Shake and I will mix in ‘Slim-Be’ (pre-melted and mixed) into my Strawberry Slimfast Shake instead of going to the crisp or chocolate machine at work or in garages etc.

My most delicious ‘Slim-Be’ recipe which helps my sweet tooth, is adding my ‘Slim-Be’ to a banana, honey, vanilla and milk milkshake and if I want to make this more filling, I will even mix in some Weetabix. I have found the ‘Slim-Be’ system, taking one of these delicious shots three times a day, quick and easy.

I always have a spare few packets in my make-up bag as they are lightweight to take on holiday and when filming in America and they are definitely helping me to succeed in my diet where I have failed for the last 5 years. Remember, the clever thing about ‘Slim-Be’ is that if I feel hungry, I drink a cup of hot water (I just prefer it hot) with the mind-set that if I am still hungry in half and hour I will have a snack.

However, the water or any liquid causes the ‘Slim-Be’ to re-swell in the stomach and half an hour later I even forget to think about whether I am hungry or not as I am not thinking about food. I have, of course, eaten three small meals a day whether homemade shakes, meal replacements or home cooked meals with vegetables and have not felt the need for my much adored puddings as much.

I would definitely recommend trying the ‘Slim-Be’ system especially as I saw such a dramatic difference in the first month.

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  1. Anne Leek July 31, 2013 at 2:52 pm -  Reply

    I started strawberry Sim be under two weeks ago. I eat well still but have forgotten about ‘naughty’ foods. I think this is the best type of dieting I’ve ever tied . Well, I can’t really call it a diet.
    Works for me too . I have lost nearly 3kg’s !!

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