I’ve been insider trading again!


It’s one of the biggest perks of my job that I get to meet the guests and see the products, often a few days before they go to air. The down side to this is you often get tempted (we’ve already had three deliveries this week)! 

However when I saw Sundays TSV, I'm afraid to say I couldn’t resist. I’ve been thinking about getting a new TV for a while (we’ve had our trusty Trinitron for nearly 20 years) but just couldn't make my mind up between Samsung, Panasonic, LG, JVC and all the others. I knew I would buy one from QVC as it's the only way to buy a TV: Easy Payments and a 30 day money-back guarantee. If the other half thinks it’s too big, we just call and someone picks it up and we get a refund… now that’s my kinda shopping!
Sundays TSV just hit the spot. It’s a 42” Panasonic plasma, full HD with built-in HD Freeview and it comes with a pukka Blu-ray DVD player. Although I can’t tell you the price, I can tell you that our guest from Panasonic said he couldn’t even get it for that price… and he works for them!!  

I’m going to order mine and Claire’s been looking for a telly for a while so she’s ordering one too! Finally my son will feel that we have moved into the 21st century!!
Simon X

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