Jewellery designer Paola Valentini debuts on QVCUK


Paola Valentini Paola Valentini's jewellery has already been a big hit with QVC customers across the Atlantic, and now we're excited to be able to introduce her designs to you too. Catch her on QVC on Thursday 20th May at 11pm.

We caught up with Paola before her first visit to the UK to find out a little more about her, her jewellery and her inspirations…

Paola: I've been designing jewellery for over 30 years, but I started out in ceramic studies. After I gained my Master of Arts diploma I decided to move into metal working and then goldsmithing. I designed my first piece of jewellery when I was 17.

At 19 I decided it was time to go and work for a big name in high-end jewellery making to see how it's done. I moved from Italy to Paris and was lucky enough to land a job in Place Vendome, the centre of all things designer in the city.

I worked in Paris for a few years, but I really yearned to go freelance – I loved my work but wanted people to see what I personally could design and make, to see the real me. That's why I love working with QVC, as they let me be myself, and so many more people can see my designs.

Each piece I design has a little bit of my personality in it, and each one is an original Paola Valentini design.


Paola Valentini Layered Flower Ring I'm inspired by architecture, modern art, and I have a real weakness for botanicals and plants; flowers, leaves and trees.

I also love gems, particularly the kinds of stones you don't see every day. I believe they are unique pieces of art from nature. Mother Nature has done all the hard work, I'm just dressing it up for you by setting it in a piece of my jewellery! I love large, bold pieces and the smoothness of natural stone, the way it feels when you hold it and touch it.

I like to use colour and texture in my work. I think my designs are classic yet different. When I believe something is beautiful to me, then I really trust the piece is going to appeal to my customers. I hope that my jewellery is something to be enjoyed again and again, not something that you'll wear for five minutes and then get tired of.

If I had to describe my designs in a few words I'd say bold, modern and Italian in flavour – little pieces of art that you can wear.

See Paola Valentini make her QVCUK debut at 11pm on Thursday 20th May.

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