In the pink for being late!


I had to pick up my husband from the train station last week. I arrived on time but he then called me to say the train would be in 20 minutes later than he thought. So I put on my favourite CD of the moment in the car and blasted out at the top of my voice a few tunes to the hit West End hit, Hairspray.

It was hilarious – a few odd looks came my way as people were coming and going in the car park. But did I care? No, I was on that stage performing my heart out!

The second call came to say he would be even later. I had deafened too many people with my Hairspray tunes so I decided to go to the local shops, which were only two minutes away. Fatal!

It's a little lane with gorgeous boutiques and a particularly amazing kitchen shop. Me, in a kitchen shop? Yes, my thoughts too, but I had now half an hour to kill so any shop was better than a car park. I ventured into the shop and as soon as I walked in I saw the most gorgeous huge pink baking bowl with big embossed hearts on it.

My mind was saying 'it's to die for and would look amazing in my kitchen' (the first room from the hallway I think!) and the other half of me was saying, 'but you've never baked in your life!'

None of that seemed to matter as I had already convinced myself  that it would replace my boring glass bowl (yes, I had found an excuse to buy it!).

The rather adorable shop assistant, who looked like a designer chef, told me that it was in the sale and the last one. That was it, sold to a loving owner. Before I knew it, it was being wrapped beautifully in tissue and I was already dreaming of it on my kitchen top looking a picture of beauty.

I picked Larry up from the station rather proud of my beautiful baking bowl and he said, 'Yes darling, it's gorgeous but you've never baked in your life.'

'I know,' I said, 'but it would have cost a lot more to have bought a cake!'

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  1. silvino May 20, 2009 at 12:30 pm -  Reply

    hello, i was flicking through the channells. last night and i came across yourself wearing a slinky brown dress, wow you have a fabulous body, you must work out every day, when will you be on air again i must tune in,sex on two legs is my best description,
    silvino de franco

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