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Jill Franks with John Barrowman on the QVC set I wanted to share with you a QVC experience that I will treasure forever. I was privileged to have been asked by John Barrowman to host his debut show on QVC, last Friday at 2pm, to launch his latest solo album, simply called 'John Barrowman', and talk about some of his favourite QVC products.

Yes, he was as gorgeous, warm, compassionate and loveable as I expected. He was so excited about being on QVC, being a huge QVC fan was an understatement.

I was as excited as he was and we just hit it off straight away. Oh yes, the fun and laughter for the day had only just begun. I was greeted with a huge hug and a kiss, and that fabulous John Barrowman smile just draws you in. He not only loves QVC but he adores his fans too.

We caught up on his favourite QVC products and he couldn't wait to show me his Butler & Wilson Union Jack buckle, or to tell me how he uses Lock & Lock and his love for Northern Nights. As you can imagine he loves my antics in the kitchen!

We talked dogs, caught up on a mutual friend and then got down to chatting about the hour that was coming up. After hair and make-up Dickie and Vanessa, our fabulous floor managers, took us up to the studio to show him the products he loved and to run through the order from set to set.

This was the first time I knew the QVC rules were not going to really apply and that's what really excited me. As you know I have never really conformed in life and just live each day to its very best, so I knew I was going to feel so at home. John and I have the same theory, life is not a rehearsal, this is it. In our lives we just laugh everyday and live life to the full. It was lovely to meet someone who is as passionate about life as I am.

Before we knew it we were live. His presence just filled the studio. His album is fantastic and he is so passionate about it. Of his other two, 'Another Side' went Gold and 'Music Music Music' was a huge success too.

This album was what he had always wanted to do and the songs are from shows he has never done. His eyes filled with tears when I asked him about 'You'll Never Walk Alone' from Carousel. This is a song his mum used to sing to him when he was a child.

The duet 'So Close' lifted from Disney's 'Enchanted' with the outstanding Jodie Prenger, who won the BBC TV reality show 'I'd Do Anything', brings a tear to your eyes and was performed for Clare, his niece, as they both love a happy ending.

Jill Franks and Jonh Barrowman have fun on set At this point I could see from the corner of my eye John was preparing his run for the bed that was all made up with luxurious Northern Nights – beautiful, smooth and inviting for a wonderful night's sleep.

John landed, and that is the perfect word – landed, right on top. It was so funny and this pillow talk scene is what everyone is talking about as I was determined to get the gossip about 'Desperate Housewives' for which he flies out this week to start filming.

When we looked under the duvet we were giggling like naughty little children up to no good. He is playing a villain in 'Desperate Housewives' who, I believe, makes the housewives lives a little better. I will keep you updated and he has promised to send me a picture of him and Eva Longoria to show you all. That's if he can leave her frocks alone!

I had planned to ask him about his sleeping technique when he decided to show off his flexibility on the other bed of Northern Nights, the reversible set. I was intrigued, was he a side, back or front sleeper. Unfortunately John and I  didn't get a chance to do this but I will save this for the next time! My guess is that the answer won't be as straight forward as we would have liked, but it will be worth waiting for, trust me.

He just loves Lock & Lock and we decided to compare the Lock & Lock technique. He was so thrilled to actually be talking about and using the Lock & Lock live on air. The thrill on his face was a treat when he did it. The marshmallows stuffed into my mouth thankfully were fresh due to the Lock & Lock, and what a great way to shut me up. Must do it more often.

The  CD he signed live on air we tested in the airtight Lock & Lock. Needless to say it survived and will be well on its way to the lucky winner, Alyson Bloor.

Yes, he really did call QCut and order a Butler & Wilson watch in sassy red. I loved his reaction to my NORTH SOUTH EAST AND WEST theory. He was doing a grand sell on the Butler & Wilson watch and was talking about how you could use the dial as a compass. His face and chatter just stopped, it was a picture and still makes me laugh today. One of his weaknesses is watches and bags. Bags, does that sound like someone else you know?

Finally we wanted to spend the last few moments talking about his album. He was so excited and jumped with joy on his sell-out sign on the screen. How cool was that for him?!

We ended the show with me having to hand over his QVC membership card on the condition that I got a kiss in exchange. Sorry girls, how could I not? We decided that if we both went shopping together Larry and Scott would be bankrupt. But as they say girls, don't worry, they have the rest of their lives to pay it off!

So I can honestly say John, from the bottom of my heart, a big handbag thank you. It was a real pleasure and privilege to be your host for your debut show. Come back soon for more fun, fab, frivolous home shopping. We miss you already.

More to come next week as John shows me his fluffing healthy pillow techniques and how to show the colour options available. Until then…

USA brace yourself, he is on his way!


Jill x


  1. Deborah March 3, 2010 at 12:36 pm -  Reply

    It was a fabulous show. He’s a truly life-enhancing kind of person, isn’t he? I really hope he comes back to QVC to spread some more of that infectious and uplifting Barrowman joy. 🙂

  2. Cheryl March 3, 2010 at 8:56 pm -  Reply

    What a fabulous show, absolutely love John Barrowman, a true entertainer and all round nice guy. The whole hour was hilarious and reminded me of the early days of QVC, non-stop fun and frolics.
    Please come back soon John.

  3. Julie Hallmark March 4, 2010 at 10:10 am -  Reply

    My daughter & I loved watching John on QVC, he always makes you happy, please please let him become a guest presenter !! x

  4. Alison Hill March 4, 2010 at 4:26 pm -  Reply

    I really enjoyed the show…it was so funny…when John flew across to the bed I laughed out loud I seriously thought the bed would collapse.
    It was a great show Jill…hope we see him again in the future..with his QVC membership card of course 😉 x x x x

  5. Christine Harman March 6, 2010 at 2:30 pm -  Reply

    I loved the show it bought a huge smile to my face.

  6. Carolyn Williamson March 8, 2010 at 8:08 am -  Reply

    I have not laughed so much for ages, and ordered John’s CD as a thankyou for an uplifting show.

  7. Sarah Greaves March 12, 2010 at 10:54 pm -  Reply

    I absolutely loved watching John Barrowman on QVC – he is truly such a talented actor, singer and entertainer. Looking forward to receiving the CD that I ordered, although have already had the great pleasure of seeing him in a stage show a couple of years ago. So, please QVC, more of the delightful John B in the future would be most welcome!

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