I’m going to bear all!


Charlie Bears' Big Dave Looking ahead to my schedule, I've noticed I'm doing a two hour show with Charlie Bears. Now it’s been many years since I last worked with our lovely guests William and Charlie and I hadn’t realised that the Charlie Bear had become like gold dust!  The last show sold out early, everything was on a waitlist and they have become as rare as hen's teeth! 

I have looked at the line up for my show and there are loads of new bears and some real favourites back in stock – like 'Big Dave' (see left). I was wondering what it was aboutCharlie Bears in particular that makes them so popular?

I think the Steiff bears are pretty amazing but I’m not sure they have the same sort of following. I know you will help me out, so which is the best and why? 

By the way the show is on from 10am-12.00pm on Thursday 9th April so join me. And if you want some inside info on the line up drop a comment so I can get back to you.

See you soon.


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