If I had a Duvet Day…


Today marks our first Duvet Day here at QVCUK, so you can expect to see luxurious bed linen from Northern Nights, pampering beauty from our top brands and much more – everything you need to make a date with your duvet!

We caught up with Claudia and Debbie to see how they would spend their Duvet Days…

Claudia Sylvester

Claudia Sylvester "If I had a Duvet Day, which would have to happen after taking the children to school of course, I would come home, run a bath with my lovely Elemis Milk Bath and whilst that was running I would light my lavender candles and pull down the blinds in my bedroom. Nip downstairs and make myself a cup of tea, grab a gossip magazine and then have a lovely warm bath whilst perusing through the pages. I'd slap on some lovely rich body cream, slide into my soft jimmies and put on the cashmere bed socks I got for Christmas.

All relaxed and warm I'd climb into my big cuddly bed, which currently has the white Northern Nights wrinkle defence TSV we did a few weeks back on it and also has a featherbed too so its like a big fluffy cloud. I’d snuggle under the duvet (I always put the duvet round my head!) and be out like a light for about an hour.

When I wake up I'd flick on the TV and catch up on an episode of Holby City, which I record on Sky+ followed by one of the baby shows that I also record.  I’d make the most of being in bed and relish every second – mobile would be off, all accept the school number which is always able to get through as its programmed as my emergency number – so I’d probably snooze again and just drift into a million daydreams and thoughts and feel totally at peace. 

I might realise by this point that I haven’t ventured downstairs yet and I’m quite hungry, so with the realisation that it's nearly school pick up time, I’d grab a piece of fruit, get dressed and with a guilty look on my face go and meet all the other parents and the school gate!

Ah, let me get my diary and find out when I can schedule this day in…"

Debbie Flint

DebbieFlint_sml "If anyone hasn't yet tried the Northern Nights flannel duvet sets, I'd say give them a try – no Duvet Day is complete without them! My first set was in the tiger print to add to the beanie-baby tiger, the tiger throw and the tiger cushion! I'm in the lap of luxury when I climb into bed, it's so luxurious, warm and comfy.

So for me, my Duvet Day would begin with a cup of tea from the kids, the newspapers (preferably tabloid AND broadsheet for a really indulgent lie-in!) and some sort of breakfast in bed. Fresh croissants from the local Westcott Bakers are just exquisite as a rare treat! Then I'd probably do some reading – I'm in the middle of an exciting Clive Cussler 'Dirk Pitt' adventure right now, plus my usual Mills and Boon romances!

I’ve started writing some of my own stories too, so after a break for a bracing walk with the dogs, I’d snuggle back up under my Northern Nights duvet and continue writing my stories until being called for a lovely dinner prepared by my lovely children. Well I can live in hope!

Then we’d probably watch our favourite programmes for a while such as Harry Hill or The Apprentice, Monkey Life, Desperate Housewives or Lost, whilst playing a board game or two. The duvet would definitely come downstairs with me though – my house is an old 1850s cottage and can be a bit draughty!"

Check out our Home department for Duvet Day treats.

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