I had a great Christmas despite the flu


Hi folks!

I hope you managed to enjoy some festive spirit over the last couple of weeks, and haven’t been one of the thousands who suffered from the many ‘bugs’ going around.

Christmas colds

I went down with a chesty fluey sort of virus 10 days before Christmas. Just as I felt I was over the worst (I’d got out of bed to finalise the internet groceries order I’d made for Christmas – how organised is that!?), I felt some tummy gripes and spent 4 days unsuccessfully fighting a sickness bug.

I managed to recover enough to enjoy Christmas Day. I was cooking for my parents and one of my three brothers and his teenage twins as well as my lot. Also, having religiously washed my hands with ABC skinwash, I’m pleased to say no one else in the family has been ill.

The stress of cooking Christmas lunch in the past

My 17-year-old daughter Bex was wondering how many years it would be until she cooks Christmas lunch for me, which reminded me of the first time I catered for my parents.

Bex was 15-months-old and I was six weeks away from giving birth to Charlie. I was huge and kept getting stuck in the small gap between the oven and a worktop island in the kitchen (we’ve enlarged the space now!). I wasn’t too organised and as I was rushing around trying to time everything to perfection, I realised Rebecca had fallen asleep in her highchair with her finger food lunch in front of her.

Mum took over and the meal was on the table only half an hour later than planned. But she said that next time she cooked Christmas lunch, she’d rather do it in her own kitchen!
I hope your celebrations went without a hitch, and that if you spent time with your family it was a good time.

Kathy T x

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