Carry on camping!


Pipa in her tent Okay, so if you haven't heard me going on about it on air yet – we went camping on the Isle of Wight last week and it was just fabulous!

Not glamping I must add  – I’m not sure I see how a chemical loo can be considered glamorous…give me a tent and then access to clean and warm shared facilites anyday!!

The Isle of Wight, as we so often hear from Liz Earle, feels like a sanctuary from the rest of the world – and it truly does! Other than the fact that the island's radio station plays loads of 80s music which meant that I kept weaving in and out of nostalgic feelings (not always positive!), we had a complete blast!

Pipa and kids Going to bed with the sunshine and waking up with the sunshine while listening to cows in the next field, as far as I'm concerned, is bliss. Remember I grew up next to a farm so, as much as I love glitz and glam, I also love being right back in the great outdoors with the sound of the rain on canvas and mud under foot (oo-arrr!)

I did, of course, visit the Liz Earle shop in Ryde, and we went to various wildlife centres – the Garlic farm and the Pottery Barn. We also happened to be there during Cowes week which we dropped in on.

The children had their faces painted whilst at Cowes, and Myles quickly started itching. He then told me that his thumb was growing, which I thought meant along with the rest of his body (as naturally he’s getting bigger) but a few minutes later when he showed me three bulbous fingers and a rather larger than usual thumb, I realised the itchy face paints were causing an allergic reaction and snapped into action!

So, it was a fun-filled few days and generally the weather was great. I was most proud of myself in managing the chairlift at The Needles – I am absolutely terrified of heights and so nearly didn't, but I live to tell the tale and have pictures to prove I did it!

As for camping, what is my verdict? Well, seeing as after two days I felt more relaxed than after ten days in Dubai, I’d give it a resounding 12 out of 10. And yes, we’re going back!


Riding the swans Pipa at Liz Earle shop Face painting! Looking nervous on the chairlift






P.S. As always, here’s my make-up bag: the amazing Origins Vitazing moisturizer which seriously works miracles for your skin, meaning no foundation necessary (NOOO exaggeration!), Mally brow fix, Jemma Kidd brown eyeliner and New CID mascara.


  1. Susan August 24, 2011 at 6:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pip,
    I haven’t seen you on QVC recently so great to read your blog about your camping mini break! It sounds fab. I know what you mean about the glitz and glam but then how lovely it is to be amongst nature as well. I love farms too. I also have to add how cute your kiddies are!
    Look forward to your chat again.
    Susan x

  2. Marian Bolton August 27, 2011 at 11:17 am -  Reply

    Hi Pipa
    I have to tell you about my results with Revitalash. I have been using it for over five weeks now and my lashes look AMAZING – even without mascara. I’ve just written a 5* review for it. Thank you so much for your advice in helping me decide to give it a go. QVC just need to get it back in stock asap! Love

  3. Jeanette August 27, 2011 at 4:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa,
    I enjoyed reading your recent blog on your holiday to the Isle of Wight. I am glad I am not the only one who was terrified when I decided to take a trip on the Needles chairlift-it frightened me to death, however, I too lived to tell the tale, but never again! I am glad you had good weather – if you’re gonna get good weather it’ll be on the Isle of Wight! I think it is fantastic over there and we are planning a day trip over to Ryde on the hovercraft from Southsea to visit the lovely little shops including of course, the Liz Earle shop. Did you try the hovercraft (much better experience than the chairlift!!) Anyway looking forward to your next blog.
    Jeanette x

  4. Karen August 29, 2011 at 9:26 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa
    Which site did you stay on? We have just come back from a week camping in Wales, my girls love it. The weather was beautiful (it actually forecast rain all week). We have the blow up couch you are sat on! I survive on just my Laura Geller B&B, Bare Escentuals Mascara along with the SBC 3-in-1 cleansing gel and of course my liz earle skin repair. Planning another camping trip next year to Devon or possibly the Isle of Wight if you can recommend it?

  5. Pipa August 30, 2011 at 1:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi ladies – oh Karen I SOOO recommend the Isle of Wight! We stayed at The Orchards which had the most fabulous facilities! It had been recommended to us by 3 different sets of friends and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest. Inside pool, outside pool, 2 different play areas, TV/pool room, on site cafe and take away which did great food. Fab little shop with all bits you may need, even a building with washing machines, tumble dryers, ironing boards and washing up “ports” …not to mention power points for every pitch! It was absolutely brilliant and just outside Newport so very central.
    Jeanette – I’m glad I’m not the only one either lol! We didn’t try the hovercraft – and as I get seasick in a puddle, I’m not rushing to try that one although I’m not sure which is worse, heights or sea sickness!
    Marian – I’m THRILLED that you went for it with the Revitalash! I know it’s hard when some have negative experiences but it just goes to show, you don’t know about anything until you try it for yourself! So pleased you’ve got great lashes now!
    Susan – thanks for the comments about my kiddies, I think they’re fab too 🙂

  6. Linda, Glasgow September 3, 2011 at 3:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pips
    I havent left you a comment before? but could not resist telling you how adorable your lovely family are – your little girl looks so happy on the chairlift and ,as you say,you looked so nervous(i would be too!!).Campings not for me because there is no were for me to plug in my hairdryer,straighteners and other electrical(beauty) items ha ha!! I dont know if you saw Dragons Den last Sunday BBC2 – a lady was trying to get funding(she didnt get any) for a portable loo!! it was basically in the style of a portable seat with a hole in the centre were you placed a special plastic bag(i’ll say no more!) now after watching that i definitely would never be able to survive a camping holiday i’d be looking for the nearest five star accomodation after the first hour – i know i’m softx Look after yourselfx Love Linda,Glasgow

  7. Sarah James September 6, 2011 at 1:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa, so glad you had a good time on the IOW my hubbies family live there so I visit regularly. We went last week and I too went on the chairlift OMG. As a person who loves thrill rides that take you upside down etc I have to say I didn’t like it at all!! the worst thing for me was looking at the gap under the lap bar as I kept thinking that people could actually slip through that!! nevermind I’m here to tell the tale.
    Glad you enjoyed the IOW my Son always asks me whether the time is different there i.e forward or backwards? (he is 5 bless him). But I know what he means it does sometimes feel that life there goes at a slower pace (for a change!!)
    Good to see you back on QVC take care
    Sarah, Hampshire x

  8. Mrs.Sue Hopkins September 9, 2011 at 8:27 pm -  Reply

    Please could you ask Pippa what her new red hair colour/make is as it looks lovely.
    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Sue Hopkins

  9. Pipa October 25, 2011 at 12:55 pm -  Reply

    Hi Sue – I have it done at Real Hair in Chelsea, I’m not sure what they use although I do think it’s a Loreal Salon mix. x

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