I am very excited!


I was called into the bosses office yesterday when I finished and I thought yikes, what have I done? but it was all good news. He asked me to interview someone on Tuesday morning and of course I asked who and was delighted to hear it's JACKIE COLLINS!!!

She's in town publicising her new book (Goddess of Vengeance) and I am thrilled. The first Jackie Collins book I read was in 1983 on a beach in Gran Canaria  and I thought I should wrap it in a newspaper so no-one would see a fella reading 'Hollywood Wives'. When I looked around the beach everyone was reading it… men and women alike!

I've downloaded the first chapter of Goddess of Vengeance and I have to say the delightfully anticipated sex, intrigue, back-stabbing, bitching and Hollywood name dropping is all there in spades.

It'll be a great thrill to chat to Jackie, especially as Graham Norton, Vanessa Feltz, Phil and Holly and all the rest of 'em will only have about five minutes of her time, but I will have 30 minutes!!

You can buy her book very soon too, so if this link doesn't work just yet, try again in a few days when it should be available!

Now, I have loads of questions to ask Jackie, not just about the book but also how she stays looking so good, but if you have a burning question, let me know and I will ask her for you!

Join Jackie and I on QVC at 11.00am on Tuesday 19th April… it'll be a blast!

Simon x

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