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Natasha CorrettWe're excited to tell you about a new cookbook now available at QVC, Honestly Healthy by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson.

We caught up with Kelly Hoppen's daughter and co-author, Natasha, to learn more about the idea behind the new book and how she became interested in cooking 'Honestly Healthy' food.

How is Honestly Healthy different to other cookbooks?

We wanted to explain how healthy eating and nutrition can become a lifestyle not just a diet, so the first part of the cook book is all about the nutrition behind all the recipes. We also do not use any sugar, wheat & gluten (apart from spelt) cows dairy and it all tastes delicious! 

What were your inspirations for Honestly Healthy?

I wanted to create meals that jump off the plate with vibrance and nutrients.  All our meals are nutritionally balanced to make you feel great as well as them just tasting fantastic!  

How long have you been interested in cooking?

Since I was about 16 when my father put me in his restaurant kitchens for a few weeks in my summer holiday – I loved it!  

What is your favourite recipe?

Red rice and beetroot risotto – its so easy to make and everyone always loves it!  

What advice do you have for those using your cookbook?

Have fun with it and experiment – do your own variations and don't worry if you mess up just try again! Cooking is fun, especially at the end because you get to eat it!  

Who would you recommend your cookbook to?

Anyone who is looking for guidance to live a healthy life but also for people who just want inspiration for new exciting recipes that are easy to follow with not too many ingredients.

Don't miss Natasha and Vicki at 9am on Friday 10th August.

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