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Charlie Lapson with Emma Forbes Hi everyone, it's Charlie Lapson here,

The past six weeks have been a whirlwind. I've been around the world and now I'm returning to the UK to show you all my new Diamonique and handbag designs.

I hope you will enjoy the latest collections as much as the lovely ladies that I met around the world and my Hollywood clientele. And as much as the stylish Emma Forbes (pictured left) who I met up with in London and who happens to be a huge fan of my bags!

After my last visit to London, I went to Italy to choose the new leather for future collections. In Tuscany I came across beautiful selections of textures and colours from bright reds and purples to subtle greens and browns. Shiny patent and matte finishes are both very popular and it seems they will continue into the next season.
From there I stopped in Paris for a fashion show I was involved with and met with some of the top Parisian models and fashionistas. It was a treat to walk down the streets of St.Germain and along the Champs Elysees. 

Then I went on to Los Angeles…
… where all the television shows are now filming for the new season. That means a lot of co-ordination with stylists for jewellery, handbags, accessories and clothing. Shows such as 'Brothers and Sisters', 'Desperate Housewives', 'CSI' and 'Glee' keep us very busy working with the actors. There have also been several charity events during the summer which I have helped with, such as Eva Longoria’s charity for Children’s Hospital.
After that I flew to Hong Kong to film a television show about style and bringing my work in Hollywood to the Asian community. I love it there, every street is filled with excitement. I went to the market places, antique shops, silk fabric stores, fantastic restaurants and on an incredible boat ride on Victoria Harbour. Working with Hong Kong actors and musicians is so much fun for me. They love to be on-trend and have an international flair.

After that I went to Shanghai for a fashion showcase where I presented items from my 2011 collection.  That’s another great city filled with history and stunning architecture. I went to the Bund, the fashionable district, which was once a sea port and now a trendy area for restaurants and shops.
Onwards from there I found myself in Tokyo

Summer is quite warm in Japan and many people wear Yukata robes, which are a light version of a kimono – I even wanted one for myself so I could keep cool. I was introduced to several Japanese pop stars and also contestants from the Miss Japan group. They viewed the items from our collection and chose pieces to wear for their special events.

On the first night, there was a dinner given in my honour at a fantastic restaurant called Gonpachi. It’s massive and has delicious food and a very old world style décor.

The next day I presented my new collection and held a fashion show for the society women of Tokyo. I shopped around and got great inspiration for patterns and designs from stunning fabrics. Many of them were so colourful and unique and I’m going to translate that concept into a dress and handbag for next summer.
A few days later I flew back to LA…

… so I could have time with my staff to prepare for the Emmy Awards and start to have fittings with celebrities attending the show. The new jewellery was very well received and I also included some pieces from my Diamonique collection. They loved the sparkle and glamour of the styles and did not question if they were real, they were just happy with the look!
Then, just a few moments after that, I jumped on another flight to Miami where I had another fashion show.  The ladies there loved the vibrant colours I created and the collection was sold out in minutes.
My eight hour plan lasted one hour, so that gave us lots of time to walk on the beach and along Ocean Drive. I loved the tropical vibe there and the Cuban food. My mind was swirling with design ideas as I watched dancers on the beach moving to the beat of salsa music. 
I'm looking forward to my shows next Wednesday 25th August - join me at 10am, 1pm and 8pm.
All my best,

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