Slimming down for my trip to Sin City


Hi everyone,

It's been lovely reading your suggestions for Vegas – any more from anyone do let me know. The Grand Canyon helicopter trip will definitely be on the list!
Since January's now over it’s time to take stock. And yes, it's definitely that time of year when the mirror doesn't show us what we want to see, so I'm setting myself a challenge. In time for the holiday at the end of March, I'll trim up enough to get into a particular dress I'd like to wear on one of our glamorous Vegas nights out.

Having discovered Diet Chef’s pea and ham soup, which is absolutely delicious with little bits of proper ham in it and tastes like home made fare, I'm sure those little sachets will play a role in losing some more weight.

My quest for a slimmer me…

My sister-in-law Boki showed me a picture of me reading to my lovely little niece Lara back in the summer and my face looking really round. She complemented me by saying how much better I looked over Christmas having lost the initial stone on Diet Chef. On the other hand, my new photo on my Facebook page definitely looks a lot slimmer (and younger) as a result of shedding those pounds!

So onwards we go – my pea and ham soup awaits (really it does, the microwave's just pinged!). Out of interest, how are you doing with Diet Chef? Do let me know what your favourite meal is, and what gets your vote for 'most tastes like home-cooked food'?

One of the things that help is of course looking at those slimmer pictures – so it was with trepidation that I agreed to put up the link to this next set of bloopers. Who'd have thought someone could look so different across six years of QVC! There are quite a few different 'looks' – what’s your favourite?

They're not in order either. In fact, I’m wondering if you can guess where in the timeline the 'hoover dance' comes – was it
a) One of the earliest
b) One of the middle or
c) One of the later clips

For me, it's pictures like these that keep me motivated to keep going with the diet and a bit more exercise, so I'm raring to go by the time we take off for Vegas!

Have to keep going with the exercise

Longer walks with the dogs also help of course – partly for me and partly for them! Patchy probably needs to lose a bit as well since she’s currently looking older than her mother Holly! (see previous dogs in the snow video). And, considering my mum is only 18 years older than me, and looking in great shape for her age, I'm blowed if I’m going to be 'doing a Patch' when we're away! It's bad enough now that she gets called my sister when we're out! Anyway, who knows who we might meet when we're away…

Have a great week and speak again soon!

Debs XX


  1. Pam Davies February 11, 2010 at 3:13 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Like you I am a single, very busy working mum and this time last year decided that i had to take the bull by the horns and lose the weight that had crept on since my divorce 8 years ago. So, at the end of August after a miserable week in Turkey where i felt absolutely HUGE ( well, a size 20/22 so I probably wasn’t at all!) I joined my local Slimming World group in Harrogate and honestly have not looked back!
    I am now nearly 2 and 1/2 stone lighter and 2 dress sizes smaller and on target to lose my last stone by the end of April. I have found it so straight forward and easy, after trying so many daft diets, when all that works is eating healthily so you don’t have those hunger pangs and also being supported by a group of likeminded mad people!
    So, keep up the good work and glad you have found something that suits you… and look forward to seeing your photos of Vegas and that dress??
    Take care

  2. debs flint January 7, 2011 at 1:58 am -  Reply

    well done Pam – if you would care to give us an update, am sure we’d all be interested! Have just recently taken to excluding sugar from much of my diet, and it seems to be working – feel healthier as much as anything else. And let’s face it, any weight loss system that works for us has got to get the thumbs up eh!
    best wishes for the new year.

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