Help me with my water works problems!


Now, I consider myself quite a practical person who can come up with loads of solutions to a wide variety of DIY tasks: I have rewired a house, re-plumbed a house, built a garage from scratch and even built a computer from scratch too, but this problem has me completely flummoxed! 

Can you help me with some ideas as to what I can do? It’s rather embarrassingly to do with my water works… no not that! I don’t know here my pipe is. Let me explain:

We put our chicken run in a field to the back of our garden and I was told that there's a mains water pipe that runs along the edge of the field and it just needed to be turned on. I couldn’t find the end of the pipe so I thought I’d turn the water on at the meter and see where the wet patch appeared and bingo!

Unfortunately nothing happened so I’m now left with a situation much like looking for a needle in haystack. Can I water divine? Or get a sensor or something to find the pipe? The prospect of aimlessly digging away in the hope of coming across a bit of blue plastic tubing doesn’t inspire me and I thought there must be a more efficient, intelligent and cunning way of getting at the water!

Now I know there's a huge amount of creativity out there so if anyone has any ideas I’d be delighted to hear them… and so would the chickens (“the watering can make it taste funny!”).

Simon X


  1. Mrs Coia July 15, 2009 at 7:06 pm -  Reply

    A Scotsman with no pipe!
    That can’t be right!
    I suggest you cover the entire area with a giant microfibre towel, whose millions of tiny capillaries will surely locate your wet patch and allow you to get your hands on your pipe. If it doesn’t work simply return said towel within the 30 day money back guarantee period… It’s risk free divining. Simple.
    Mrs Coia

  2. Simon Biagi July 17, 2009 at 6:09 am -  Reply

    Thank you Mrs Coia, I was thinking of using the wetting agent to see which of my plants grew best! Laying my hands on that pesky pipe of mine is proving harder than I thought!

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