Has anyone tried the new QVC iPhone app?


IPhone app I was thinking about how fast some things sell out nowadays, what with so many speedy ways to order. As you know, you can secure the on-air item in less than a minute using QCut once you’re used to it. Or in three clicks if you’re on your computer and you order online. And you can use the red button.

Well now, if you’ve got an iPhone it’s going to be even easier to jump the queue! Even when something’s limited, and seems like it’s on the verge of selling out, it seems like the new iPhone app could get it for you in less than half a minute! If you’ve already keyed in your main info, it allows you to order then gets you to the checkout, via auto-complete of your account number, in record time.

I’ve had an iPhone for almost a year now and one of the best things about it is the variety of things it makes easy to do in day to day-to-day life! From train times, to cinema; Twitter and Facebook; chatting free to friends with the ‘what’s app’ app, to finding out which star in the sky is which, (Star Walk) it’s been fab. And I’ve always been a Nokia girl! So, if you have an iPhone or iPad,and you can access the apps store, why not get the QVC app? It’s free too – yay!

Being the geek that I am, I timed myself ordering a product that was on air – from unlocking the phone, opening the app, tapping 'on air now' , tapping 'buy now' and keying in my pin number, it took less time than even my fastest QCut order!

Forgot the item number?
It’s not just the TSV and 'on air item' that's available on the app – it also lists the last 20 odd products QVC has aired. So if you missed the item number it’s a great way of finding it, and seeing all the info as well as the reviews and the stock availability.

What’s in stock?
It cleverly shows you which of the options are gone, and highlights the colours and sizes available, so you don’t need to get all the way through pressing buttons on QCut, or sit in a queue to an operator just to hear that your option has already gone!

Other items
Or you can search for what you want the same way as on the internet – then order! I’ve got a feeling I’ll be ordering more this way in the future. And that’s something coming from Queen of the QCut fast-track!

You know me by now, I love bagging a bargain and the new iPhone app is the best way of getting your must-have purchases quickly. Load it up ready for when the next ‘one time only’ or ‘bargain hunter’ pops up on your telly. Or if you want to stay in touch when you’re nowhere near the TV. I ordered the Magnolia’s Today’s Special Value using it, and I can safely say it works a treat!

Well done QVC web team, you’ve done it again!

Let me know what you’ve bought using the app. And what your record is for the fastest ordering time! And don’t forget to let me know about your favourite TV theme tune from your childhood as per the last blog below.

See you next week for an update of how Gracie the puppy gets on when she goes swimming on her hydrotherapy session. Should be a funny video!

Best wishes
Debs X


  1. Cathy Sunderland March 6, 2011 at 9:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    was just watching Physic Sally and saw you with your sister talking to Sally.

  2. debs flint March 8, 2011 at 10:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi hon – yes it was ages ago! If you look back on my blogs I think i mention it around feb 10! It was a fab reading tho !

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