How fabulous was Harald Gloockler?!


Catherine, Harald Glockler and Steve the CEO Hands up, who loves Harald Gloockler?

What a fantastically flamboyant character! Harald Gloockler premiered his Pompoos jewellery range on QVC last week and I just had to drop by his dressing room to say hi. Here is a piccy of myself, Harald and Steve, our CEO, sharing a giggle and a photo opportunity!

If you missed the show it's definitely one to look out for in future. I can't wait to present a show with him. Did you see his gorgeous dresses too? Maybe if I ask nicely he'll let me wear one if we do a show together. Oh so glamorous and oh-so-fabulously over the top.

I was watching the evening show from home, loving the designs and Harald generally. He really surprised me with his openness and honesty about his childhood.

Julia was presenting and asked him about his inspiration and he said something along the lines of having a terrible childhood with a father who terrorised his mother. He remembered deciding one day that he never wanted to see a woman cry again after witnessing his mother's tears all too often – he wants all women to feel wonderful and happy. I must admit I did a bit of welling up at that comment. I was so impressed and a little envious at his ability to be so frank and to just be exactly who he is.

What an inspiration you are Harald. Thank you for touching me personally with your words.

Can't wait to see more Pompoos on QVC. Anyone else feel the same?

Love Catherine x


  1. Annie August 11, 2009 at 9:54 pm -  Reply

    I loved the show with Harald Gloockler he is so much fun.
    Annie x

  2. Mrs L Bayliss November 6, 2009 at 11:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine I too loved Harald Gloockler,he was so fabulous,what at character can`t wait to see him back.You complemented each other brilliantly Hope to see you both soon. love Linda x

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