Guest Gill Gaunlet’s top tips to create an outdoor haven


Guest Gill GauntletHi all, Gill here!

I think that spring may be here at last, thank goodness. Whether you have patch of grass or a well manicured lawn, we all like to picnic outdoors.

All the better on a sunny day when there is not a cloud in the sky, just sitting in our own garden , enjoying the moment, relaxing and admiring our surroundings… ahhh bliss.

Outdoor entertaining has now reached new and dizzy heights. I for one love using my small but neat garden as another room.

With the help of QVC we have to take some credit for the extraordinary ways we have been able to show the way forward in creating the perfect finishing touches to our gardens. The many ways you are able to transform the most mundane plot of land into a place of peace and loveliness. We want to help you to receive the maximum effects from the minimum price and effort.

Our garden furniture is first choice for setting the scene. Great pieces and value for money is our first priority. What better way is there than to sit in comfort in your own garden enjoying a cuppa or even a nice glass of wine and relax.

Luxform lightsThats why I'm so excited about our Luxform Today's Special Value coming up on Tuesday 16th April – value for money, stylish and lots of them.

Our solar lights come into their own. Charged up by daylight – and that does not mean it has to be a bright sunny day – they light up in the early evening and stay alight 'till morning.

Wherever you wish to place them, the sight of them twinkling away is a delight to behold and they add a warm feeling to the place. If you have any outdoor steps, place a light at either side of the step and you will always be able to see your way. They add a touch of glamour around a water feature. A well lit garden is welcoming to friends and family but off putting to would be thieves and unwelcome visitors. Even if you don't have a garden they are the perfect size for window boxes.

The simplicity of design means you get something easy to use but a delight to look at and a sturdy build. How many times have you bought something and when you look at the instructions you need a degree in physics to get it to work or sometimes the instructions are so tiny it is impossible to read them?!

Our lights will turn your garden into a safer place without the need for wiring and digging. If you want to move them just pull them up and put them wherever you wish. Job done, as they say!

Flameless candlesTo finish off the look we have our flameless candles. What a revelation they are. No messy wax and no naked flame to worry about. Every candle is lit by a battery which can be on/off or blow on, blow off!! So much fun and the perfect answer to a well lit outdoor area. The candles look lovely together but equally beautiful when set by themselves.

My own garden, small as it is, has been completely transformed by the lights and candles. As I sit on my comfortable garden chair, I feel at peace with the world and ready for the summer months ahead. The ambience created only takes a small amount of time and effort but the difference between what I had and what I have now is amazing.

Try it for yourselves and let me know how you get on. I would love to hear from you with any fresh ideas and will answer any questions you might have.

Together we will have the garden we so deserve.

I have got a busy week with two Today's Special Value offer, I couldn't be more excited and I am so lucky to have a job I truly love!




  1. helen April 16, 2013 at 12:43 am -  Reply

    Gill I always love to hear your hints and tips on creating a beautiful home and garden……… you are so inspiring ! A few key pieces can make all the difference, and like you I am transforming my home, which of course is my sanctuary, with some lovely products that I have bought from QVC over the years……… tiffany lighting, flameless candles, yankee, bethlehem lights, to name just a few !! I am now on a mission to improve my garden so the TSV,s are very welcome. Thank you for all the inspiration, you are a great presenter, as your enthusiasm always shines through. Whenever I see you I think ‘dream home’ and after all that is something that is quite achievable with all the great products you bring us. Look forward to seeing the next TSV and all your future shows. PS Gill could you look into bringing us more Bethlehem light products, especialy the hanging baskets which always seem to sell out. I would also love the heart shaped heather wreath, many thanks, with kind regards Helen

  2. Rachel Stribley April 16, 2013 at 12:57 am -  Reply

    Hi Gill, last year there were some outdoor hurricane lamps with flameless candles but I cant recall who by. Can these come round again? am sure it was a tsv but I missed it. Many thanks.

  3. Maria April 17, 2013 at 7:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi Gill, cant wait now the better weather’s on the way to spend some time in the garden with friends a glass of something and some pretty candles, would really like some luminara votives or tealights, also agree with previous comment would like some more Bethlehem light products like pussey willow and garlands.
    Keep up the good work!
    Many thanks Maria

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