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Road sign Gosh, it was a busy old weekend wasn't it! Never mind previous listings of parties and reunions, I spent Saturday and Sunday here at QVC Towers and in the company of some lovely guests. Not sure if you saw Tova at all, but I was spoiled with three hours of her company and not just her fragrances but the jewellery too.
I always make sure I check with her as to what she'll be wearing so that I don't clash! I do remember one time having to present a fitness hour beforehand, and although I managed to cover the lycra with a dress, my trainers didn't really work… Tova though, was far too much of a lady to mention it 🙂

Guess the road sign

Talking of memorable moments, while driving into work along my usual route – the M1 – I noticed in the middle distance a rather strange pink and orange light. This was on Saturday when the weather was appalling and my wipers were moving faster than a Geisha's fan in their vain attempts to try and shift the water that was sloshing down from the heavens. 

Well, the pink and orange light got closer and I was able to see it was actually an illuminated warning triangle, with the words Slow Down highlighted underneath it and the number 30 by the side. Nothing unusual there, until you look at the position of the car inside the triangle. See??? (Sorry the picture is a tad poor as my passenger had to try and take it through rain, screen and wipers!)

It's a little car balanced on its back window!! But what does this mean?? I have scoured the Highways Department website, and found out all kinds of things about these new signs that at a cost of £16 million are there to alert us.
I also now know that by using upper and lower case rather than just capital letters, we react to the message far faster, and that when you team the writing up with a picture – BINGO! All excellent aids to averting accidents, but should it not be a little more apparant as to what the picture means?!

Now I know how good you are at making choices, so thought you could help me to decide whether it's:

a) Open drawbridge ahead
b) Ridiculously steep hill ahead
c) Beware falling cars
d) None of the above

Answers below! 🙂

My new addiction!

Oh and as a final note, a warning of my own. Not sure if any of you have heard of or even played on Forza Motor Sport. It's a car racing game for those who are lucky enough to have a games console… like my son Jack, whom I challenged to a quick race – me in a Fiat 500 (start small I say) and him in a Mini 1000.

Folks, this is addictive!!! I just couldn't give up until I'd found all the short cuts and beaten him! It was hilarious… but it has left me with a troubling affliction… 'Forza Claw'. Self-induced cramping of the digits from gripping the controller too tightly! :)

Thanks in advance for your time in answering my quiz and I'll forward them onto the Highways Department!

I'm off for my second long weekend away with my girlfriends (so good we do it twice), so should have some more photos to share with you on my return. Hope you too will have a lovely weekend.

Love Ali xx


  1. Steven November 4, 2009 at 6:33 pm -  Reply

    Ha Ha love the choices in the a) b) c) 🙂
    I have never seen that sign either I have to say and I sat my test considerably shorter time ago!!
    I can’t imagine you on a computer game for some reason, but being a woman I’m sure you are quite competitive! We’ll be seeing ‘Alison Keenan’ on xbox live playing Fifa 10 with the boys at this rate! Was Jack not upset at his Mother beating him!! You cruel Mother you 🙂
    Take care Ali and have a good weekend xx

  2. Julie November 4, 2009 at 7:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    Just thought I’d comment on your road sign-it’s a warning I’m on the road!! Shouldn’t tempt fate should I? Never again I hope. I’ve just been informed by my husband the sign means an accident “blackspot” or an accident has happened ahead.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, speak soon.

  3. alison keenan November 5, 2009 at 1:49 pm -  Reply

    Steven, you’re right, you will no doubt have passed your test far more recently than I – man had only recently discovered the wheel when I passed! 🙂 Perhaps that is why I love fast cars – driving them, and playing the race games. Although both my boys are obsessed with cars of any sort, so I’ve probably been inspired a little by them. However………..when it comes to football I am useless!! The offside rule is right over my head – infact GOAL is the only terminology I understand :0 Still take my hat off to anyone who can hack up and down a field for and hour and a half and still look good in a pair of shorts! Have a great weekend and lovely as always to hear from you. Love Ali x

  4. alison keenan November 5, 2009 at 1:51 pm -  Reply

    Oh Julie, bless you! 🙂 It was hardly your fault, and I think we both know that in time you will confident enough to drive again 🙂 I think your husband is right – particularly as it was so wet, but I reckon I need to be another option in my answers! Hope you have a lovely weekend too, and I’ll write in more detail after that. Take good care, Love Ali xx

  5. Steven November 6, 2009 at 4:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    You are not the only lady to be baffled by the offside rule so don’t worry! Even guys don’t get some of the decisions made by referee’s at times! Hope you enjoy your weekend with the girls
    Steven xx

  6. Julie November 6, 2009 at 7:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    I have to admit although being a woman I understand everything about football and obviously Rugby-coming from Wales may have something to do with that!Good Luck tomorrow boys!
    Take Care
    Julie x

  7. alison keenan November 10, 2009 at 2:08 pm -  Reply

    Julie, your namesake – one of my girlfriends I’ve just spent the weekend with – is also rugy mad and her brother is a TV commentator on the sport! She is from Wales too! Diane (another one of the 6 of us) never misses a match – although she did stay away from the TV on Saturday as we strolled around Hay on Wye instead! she did insist on getting the results later though 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the match. Love Alixx

  8. alison keenan November 10, 2009 at 2:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Steven, judging by the mouthed comments I occasionally see aimed at the referees on TV it seems a lot of players rarely agree with the ref’s decision! We had a lovely weekend thanks and I hope you did too! Actually in defense of our very own Alison Young, she understands EVERY rule in the game of football, but wisely keeps them to herself 🙂 Ali xx

  9. Steven November 10, 2009 at 6:35 pm -  Reply

    Ha ha which team does Alison Young support Ali? I had a great weekend thanks and was off Monday and Tuesday – the perks of flexi time! Unfortunately I need to go back tomorrow! No rest for the wicked eh.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.. again xx

  10. Julie November 10, 2009 at 7:05 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    Didn’t win on Saturday did we? Better luck for the next two matches. What is it with the Welsh we just take the sport so seriously?. Didn’t do too well on The X Factor either! Never mind Lottery next time!!
    Glad you had a good weekend, Hay is a lovely part of the country we spend many weekends there.
    Take Care, speak soon
    Julie x

  11. alison keenan November 11, 2009 at 12:56 pm -  Reply

    oh you knew you’d catch me on that one didn’t you Steve! I haven’t got a clue! Ali x

  12. alison keenan November 11, 2009 at 12:58 pm -  Reply

    …..yes, the girls were a tad disappointed in the result too. We always play the Lottery while we’re away but have yet to win there either 🙂 I so envy you being as close to Hay as that. It’s a heck of a journey for us, but the view from the house is astonishing. Take care, Love Ali x

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